Is Learning An Instrument As An Adult In The 21st Century A Far-Fetched Dream?

man learning the guitar

Life has ever increasing demands for the modern day adult, and it seems there is no moment to spare to do the most important things in life. Family life is suffering as people need to work more than one job to make ends meet. The need to advance in education is also something that cannot […]

Hacks to Help You In Sight Reading Music

music sheets

Memorizing musical pieces and complicated chord structures can sometimes be quite cumbersome especially for budding musicians. This is where sight reading comes into the picture, where the pianist has the support of the musical piece as reference. But it’s not that easy, sight reading can either be a lifesaver or an absolute nightmare, that is, […]

The Case For Music Theory – Why Invest In It?

teacher writing music notes on a blackboard

In life, things explain other things in amazing ways. For instance, in any building, there is a foundation, which is the defining factor of how strong the building will be and also determines how high the building can go. Deep foundations can support tall structures, while one-storied buildings or bungalows don’t need foundations that are […]

To Quit or Not to Quit Music Learning? Tackling This Biting Issue

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Learning music is one of those activities that is very objective and can, therefore, be universal. A piano piece played in one part of the world should sound exactly the same as it would on the other side of the globe. So it is with all the components of music, such as chords, notes, and […]

How Ear Training Can Make You A Better Guitarist


If you dream of matching up to the genius of B.B. King and Eric Clapton you have to understand their music first. The golden rule is; play less, listen more. Ear training, as the name suggests, is all about training your ears to the different tunes of the guitar. Read through the guide to know […]

What To Look For In A Music Teacher For Your Child

private violin lesson

The gift of music is one of the best lifelong gifts a parent can give his or her child. That is why it’s equally important to ensure your gift is packaged right so it can have the positive impact it should. A poor-quality music teacher will seriously water down your child’s musical experience and could […]

The Smart Parent’s Guide To Rekindling Motivation For Music Lessons In Children

mother teaching child by imitation

Childhood is one most remarkable phases of your kid’s life. This is the time when they start having a rush of emotions and don’t understand how to handle or identify them. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to help your kids and motivate them to try some something new. Music is one such new […]

Strategies For Parental Involvement In Children’s Music Education

girl piano

Parental involvement, invariably, means a positive effect on a child’s long-term music education. The very fact that the parents are watching and supporting their child encourages him/her in going far in their thirst for learning quality music through instruments. Several types of research have been conducted to verify this and several kinds of research are […]

7 Music Careers You May Not Have Thought About

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“You don’t have to be a singer to have a classical music career” That’s what classical music professionals have to say to music students. Although performance and education are the most obvious routes in the classical music industry, there are many more careers one can pursue. We look at 7 different careers that have been […]

Music Lessons – Scientists understand why your parents were right all along

hands of child playing piano

The next time your kid becomes agitated or throws a tantrum because they want to play their favorite video game instead of participating in that family outing, try sending them to piano lessons instead of their room. Scientists have now found a direct correlation between studying music and the emotional and behavioral maturation in children. […]