Learn How to Teach Yourself Piano at Home | Easy Guide for Beginners

Teach Yourself Piano

When you’re ready to start learning piano, you may not be ready to start taking lessons right away. Here’s how you can start to teach yourself the basics at home. Eager to start learning piano? Start right at home! Learn how to teach yourself piano with these proven tips and tricks. With 88 keys to […]

Will Piano Lessons Boost Your Child’s Academic Performance?

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Your little one won’t become the next prodigy or maestro, but is sure to find it easier learning mathematics and science than his or her peers. Plus, expect him/her to be more well-mannered and patient. And, your child will definitely be able to gel well with people and be a team player. All this and […]

Is Learning An Instrument As An Adult In The 21st Century A Far-Fetched Dream?

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Life has ever increasing demands for the modern day adult, and it seems there is no moment to spare to do the most important things in life. Family life is suffering as people need to work more than one job to make ends meet. The need to advance in education is also something that cannot […]

Want To Be Supportive Of Your Child’s Piano Dreams – Here’s Your Checklist

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So your kid has just begun with his/her music lessons and you couldn’t be any happier! Music is perhaps one of the best ways to teach your child the golden lessons of dedication, hard work, patience, and perseverance etc. that would really help them become a better human being. Learning an instrument is an excellent way […]

Switching Instruments? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Learning a musical instrument can be fun and adventurous or pure torture, depending on how you look at it. If you are passionate about learning musical instruments, then this post is for you. If you started on one musical instrument and you’re developing an interest in another, go ahead – you can learn as many as […]

How Should I Learn Piano – By Ear, By Reading Music, Or Both?

a girl plays piano while reading notes

The ear versus read debate around piano learning strategies encompasses all instruments ranging from the guitar and drums, to the piano and keyboard. Those who have been playing the piano for a while say that both methods of learning to play are essential, but in the end a performer generally adapts to what suits him […]

Do 30-Minute Piano Lessons Really Help? Read On To Learn More

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What is enough? How you define ‘enough’ is a matter of personal preference. That which you consider enough for you might be too long (or too brief) for someone else. Then, people differ in terms of how quickly they grasp new facts, instructions, knowledge, and training; what you might be able to grasp in a […]

She’s Playing Piano; She’s Singing – Here’s How She’s Doing Both!

lady plays piano as she is backed up by singers

Singing and playing the piano at the same time is something that all music enthusiasts have wanted to try at some point of time or the other. But while doing both, it is likely that you’ll lose concentration on one, in no time. While paying too much attention to the piano keys, you might find […]

Priceless Piano Learning Gems That Are Often Overlooked

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Learning the piano is an exciting journey you are bound to enjoy, no matter what age you begin learning the instrument. The adventure that comes along with every challenge you give yourself is something to look forward to. While all this is true, it is also very easy to see little or no progress in […]

The Mistakes Pianists Make – All of Them Covered for You

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Fumbling, breaking the rhythm, going out of tune or missing a crucial note in the middle of the performance is every musician’s horror! As a pianist it is obvious that you want to hit the right notes and give flawless performances, but nothing is perfect and that applies to your piano playing skills as well. […]