Want To Be Supportive Of Your Child’s Piano Dreams – Here’s Your Checklist

happy girl playing the piano

So your kid has just begun with his/her music lessons and you couldn’t be any happier! Music is perhaps one of the best ways to teach your child the golden lessons of dedication, hard work, patience, and perseverance etc. that would really help them become a better human being. Learning an instrument is an excellent way […]

How Should I Learn Piano – By Ear, By Reading Music, Or Both?

a girl plays piano while reading notes

The ear versus read debate around piano learning strategies encompasses all instruments ranging from the guitar and drums, to the piano and keyboard. Those who have been playing the piano for a while say that both methods of learning to play are essential, but in the end a performer generally adapts to what suits him […]

3 Piano Pro Techniques Every Ambitious Pianist Should Learn

fingers playing the piano

You have been passionately playing the piano for some time now – probably for years. Whenever you listen to yourself playing the piano, it just sounds like you playing. On the other hand, when you listen to some of the pros playing the piano, they seem to have some magic they use to make their […]

Finally! Some Sense Out Of The Chaos Around Piano Practice (Or Its Lack) Among Students

practice piano

Insufficient practice can be one of the biggest hindrances in the path of achieving your musical goals. Dedicated practice is the ultimate key to success, and the absence of success is the root cause of frustration. Frustration inevitably leads to lack of enthusiasm and diminishing levels of productivity. The moment a person gets caught in […]

The 6 Bad Piano Habits That’ll Never Let You Make It Big – And How To Beat Them

piano player

Learning a piano is an art and the only way to master this skill is by practicing hard with the correct techniques. Beginners undergo a very tricky socialization period. Piano teachers, although they teach everything necessary for the student to know while learning to play piano for the first time, often miss out on some […]

Life Lessons That Nobody Can Teach Better Than Your Very Own Piano Teacher

piano lesson

Music education can probably teach you more about life than any other curricular activity or education. There are many music teachers who can, unintentionally, teach you things about life that you have not learned, otherwise. If you have or are taking piano lessons, you might have come across many lessons for life. You may have […]

The Secret Of Success With The Piano? This Guide On Hand Placement…

playing piano

The piano is one of the toughest instruments to master. It takes a hell lot of practice and a lot of expert guidance for years and years until you can call yourself even “decent”. While there are many astute online tutorial videos available, make sure you find a suitable instructor at least in the beginning […]

Is My Child Ready For Piano Lessons – A Musical Mom’s Advice

piano small hands

A lot of parents would love to give their children the gift of music as early as possible. Piano lessons, in particular, offer a lot of benefits to your child that will last a lifetime. However, you don’t want to push your baby into something he or she is not yet ready for. So how […]

What Makes Lang Lang Such An Exceptional Pianist?

Lang Lang

There are a lot of great pianists in the world today, but few can boast the charm and charisma that Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang exudes both on and off stage.  The concerts he has held at major music venues around the world have sold out, and he has received numerous awards in his career. […]

An Intro into the World of Pianos – Types, Designs, Sizes


Whether it classical jazz, soulful blues, or even mainstream rock, the piano transcends the seventeenth century time frame it was invented in and remains one of the most popular musical instruments ever played. Over the course of time, however, many versions of the same instrument have been designed and used. Of course, this means that […]