Why Music Lessons Could Be The Best Intervention For Children With Learning Disorders

music being used to soothe a child in hospital

The benefits of music are widely appreciated today. Music truly accompanies us in our day to day activities and is with us during the different stages of our lives. Even our bodies naturally respond to music involuntarily. Benefits of music lessons Music lessons have been found to be beneficial in the developmental stages of children […]

Why You Should Try Music If You Want To Tap Into Your Forgotten Memories

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you are listening to music with a friend and he starts telling you a story from his past that you have never heard before? If you really pay attention, you’ll notice the sense of nostalgia as he tells you the story. At that moment, you may […]

5 Little Known Ways in Which Music Education Empowers Humans

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If you are really into music, whether it is actually practicing or just listening to it, no doubt you have felt its positive effects time and again. It has long been a firm perception that musical education greatly improves the cognitive and psychological areas of human development. It is only recently that a lot of […]

Music Therapy Offers Solutions To Speech Impediments And Depression

woman listening to music

โ€œThe Kingโ€™s Speechโ€ is a movie that tells the story of an English king who suffers from a speech impediment that causes him to stutter. This creates a lot of embarrassment for him since his public speeches are a vital part of his role. After undergoing several failed attempts to cure his problem, he finally […]

5 Proven Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music Training for Bettering Human Lives

Hereโ€™s a fact – 75% or more students in US high schools keep aloof of music training (as indicated by a recent research published by US Department of Education). Itโ€™s almost worrying how so many young children are missing out on the amazing health benefits of music, despite the availability of better music training infrastructures […]

Singing – A Melodious Therapy for Aging Adults

elderly singing

Apart from the artistic appeal, music has the power to simulate very real, critical, and cherished human emotions. Right from cartoon theme songs to cult rock anthems, from action songs for children to ballads with beautiful lyrics, from celebration songs played year after year to classical tunes from several decades back – different songs and […]

[Infographic] 6 Major Health Benefits of Music You Should Know

If you spend too much time listening to music, well now you have a great excuse to keep up the habit. Regardless of your preferred genre, music has health benefits, and thereโ€™s lots of research out there to back this up. Here is an infographic highlighting some of the major health benefits you get when […]

What Every Musician Needs To Know About The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Alexis del Palazzo is a flutist with a passion for physical therapy. She, like many other instrumentalists, would experience pain in her right forearm for hours following a performance. She had a serious case of performance anxiety that would trigger huge adrenaline rushes that would make it difficult for her to play. As a result, […]