The Benefits Of Music – Beyond Arts And Entertainment

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Music has for ages been a great tool for expression of human feelings and emotions. When a song is written, you can tell exactly what the person was feeling. Music has been written to express joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation and an array of other emotions. Since we all have emotions, we can identify with […]

How To Use Music Strategically – Know What Works When

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There are so many genres of music out there – it’s actually very difficult, if not downright impossible, to be acquainted with all of them. The interesting thing with music is that it affects you whether you know a song or not. As such, you can use any type of music in whichever way you see […]

Earn As You Learn Music – Practical Employment Options For Music Enthusiasts

Music has this magical ability to uplift your mood! Feeling blue? Had a rough day? A soothing track from your favorite band is just the thing you need! Admit it, we’ve all shouted our favorite songs at the top of our lungs in the shower. But what if you could be much more than a […]

The Sound Of Music – Empowering Humanity’s Gift Of Language

Do you remember coming across a person in life who does not love music? The power of music is so intense that succumbing to its sweetness seems to be the most spontaneous reaction of individuals! When it comes to the role of music in human lives, the aspect of relaxation or entertainment is just the […]

Why Collective Music Making Could Be The Best Excursion You Could Facilitate For Your Children

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Playing music as a part of a band can be extremely entertaining, as well as rewarding for youngsters. Apart from giving their self-esteem a sufficient boost, making music together can be one of the healthiest outlets for creativity and a plethora of emotions. When children work together in a group for an upcoming performance, discipline […]

Creating Your Work Playlist: What Are The Most Important Considerations?

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Can music really be so loud you can’t hear yourself think? Well, according to research, it might be too loud to allow your creative juices flow. Studies have consistently shown that music triggers creative thinking. Here’s an example: Music could be an alternative to drugs as therapy for mental health issues, a report indicates. Based […]

Scientists Discover What Your Personality Has To Say About Your Musical Ability

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Researchers recently discovered a link between human personality and musical ability that applies even for people don’t play instruments. According to the study, people with open personalities – unusually curious, adventurous and willing to try out new things, are also more likely to be musically gifted. “We had expected to see that openness predicted musical […]

5 Little Known Ways in Which Music Education Empowers Humans

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If you are really into music, whether it is actually practicing or just listening to it, no doubt you have felt its positive effects time and again. It has long been a firm perception that musical education greatly improves the cognitive and psychological areas of human development. It is only recently that a lot of […]

Music Therapy Offers Solutions To Speech Impediments And Depression

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“The King’s Speech” is a movie that tells the story of an English king who suffers from a speech impediment that causes him to stutter. This creates a lot of embarrassment for him since his public speeches are a vital part of his role. After undergoing several failed attempts to cure his problem, he finally […]

Singing – A Melodious Therapy for Aging Adults

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Apart from the artistic appeal, music has the power to simulate very real, critical, and cherished human emotions. Right from cartoon theme songs to cult rock anthems, from action songs for children to ballads with beautiful lyrics, from celebration songs played year after year to classical tunes from several decades back – different songs and […]