The Benefits Of Music – Beyond Arts And Entertainment

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Music has for ages been a great tool for expression of human feelings and emotions. When a song is written, you can tell exactly what the person was feeling. Music has been written to express joy, disappointment, anger, love, anticipation and an array of other emotions. Since we all have emotions, we can identify with […]

The Value That Music Education Adds To The Learning Process

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Music is universal and is found in various forms across all the cultures and nations of the world. Even the remotest of tribes deep in forests such as the Amazon are found to have their own musical preferences. A lot of research has been done on music to discover the reason why it seems to […]

Why Employers Should Look Out For Music Education In Their Potential Employees’ Resume


With all the research and evidence proving the many benefits of a musical education, it only makes sense for employers and CEOs to consider a potential employee’s history of music education an added benefit. At least that is what Dylan Savage argues in his article: ‘What CEOs Need to Know: The Benefits of Past Music […]

Music Education Is A Complete Package Of Cognitive Skills, Fine Motor Skills, And Social Skills. Excited already?

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Music lessons have the power to enrich human lives in many more ways than you could ever imagine! Besides its immense potential for healing, music lessons can also pave the path for better grades in school. Trust music to effectively bring out hidden talents and help in broadening the avenues of opportunity, for anybody who’s […]

Can Musical Training Improve Your Math Skills?

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A link between music and math may sound bizarre for many of us. When we think of music, we think of graceful fluidity and mood-enhancement, while math will usually trigger memories of complicated equations or rigid functions, sets and statistical correlations. As such, it may come as a surprise that there is indeed a link […]

5 Scientific Research Studies that Underscore Music Education’s Influence on Verbal and Reading Skills

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‘Music makes you smarter’ is the ultimate quote to live by. For all those music lovers out there who would rather spend their time playing an instrument than sit down to complete boring school work, here are five scientific research studies that provide strong insight into the positive influence of music education on verbal skills, […]

Music Education Attunes Students For Emotional And Social Development? YES!

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The immense popularity earned by music festivals like Coachella and online music services like Pandora and Spotify is proof of how important music is to our culture. Researchers continue to find that listening to music or learning music is strongly linked to our mental and emotional health. If these aren’t reason enough to get you […]

Music Education Can Transform The Life Of Your Child

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Countless studies have proven that music enables children for a better life while they are growing up. Psychologists, as well as scientists, have confirmed that music education offered to a kid in early childhood will help their brains develop uniquely. Read on to know more about how music education can alter a child’s life and […]

What Can Aspiring Musicians Gain From Formal Music Education Over Being Self-Taught?

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Aspiring musicians have one crucial decision they need to make concerning getting to where they want to be; whether to take formal lessons or be self-taught. Both options have their pros and cons, so it’s important to understand each of these before making the final decision. Being self-taught definitely has an element of adventure and […]

Music As A Vehicle Of Academic Brilliance – Stats That Will Amaze Anybody

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Music has the power to unleash the true power and potential of the mind. Numerous studies conducted on students all over the world have established the synergistic effects of music and education in the long run. Most recent studies show that music can change the neuron maps inside the brain for the better. Music stimulates […]