Grades, Attendance and Graduation Rates are Not Adequate Measures of the True Value of Education

Matthew Mingle, when discussing measuring school quality in an ideal world, argues that a true measure of school quality would be to assess how closely the school’s reality matches the ideals of the ‘Whole Child’ approach. The approach he refers to provides a framework that seeks to improve both the learning and health of the […]

Learning Music Empowers Your Child for Supernormal Success—Science Says So

Does your kid kick up a fuss when you take him/her for the weekly piano class? Are you ready to give up in despair? Don’t! Several studies have shown that learning music empowers your child’s cognitive and psychical abilities and also helps with overall psychological development. Musical training accentuates perception, memory, analytic and reasoning skills, […]

It’s True – Aging Adults can Learn Music and Empower their Brains

Musical instruments, behind the pop appeal and the cool quotient, are really complex equipment, which if used in the right manner and with some creativity, can create sounds that move minds. Apart from developing a sense for art, humans can empower their brains by learning music and musical instruments, because practicing and playing these activates […]

Is It True That Bad Students Make The Best Music Stars?

Historically, there were many instances of famous artists becoming successful despite the fact that they did not receive a musical education. This is a trend that seems to be consistent even today. In fact, some of them received no education at all, and they were still able to rise to stardom. This creates the perception that […]

3 Things You Must Tell Your Child When Starting To Learn A Musical Instrument

As a parent, you probably already know that learning to play a musical instrument will benefit your child in so many ways. An important question we may not always ask is whether your child understands what value it holds for him or her. And even if they know the benefits, do they appreciate its significance? […]

The Multiplier Effect of Music Education

Music brings a certain invaluable benefit to a child’s education that cannot be overstated. Heaps of scientific research are available that prove a music-rich education is not just critical for a child’s cognitive function, but also for his or her academic performance. In other words, a child will learn better for the simple reason that […]

Why Your Child Should Not Miss Out on Music Education

Your child’s musical career is very important, whether he’s going to be the next big name in the industry or his performances will be restricted to the shower. Every child has a lot to draw from a musical education because learning the ‘do re mi’s offers many benefits that the ABCs alone cannot. He’ll be […]