Self-Teaching And Formal Music Classes – Combining The Two

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As an aspiring musician who’s planning to have a successful career, one the first things you need to do is outline your learning options. With the advancement of technology, there are more varied options from which you can choose. They are also more accessible than they were a few years ago. This means you can […]

The Value That Music Education Adds To The Learning Process

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Music is universal and is found in various forms across all the cultures and nations of the world. Even the remotest of tribes deep in forests such as the Amazon are found to have their own musical preferences. A lot of research has been done on music to discover the reason why it seems to […]

The Case For Music Theory – Why Invest In It?

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In life, things explain other things in amazing ways. For instance, in any building, there is a foundation, which is the defining factor of how strong the building will be and also determines how high the building can go. Deep foundations can support tall structures, while one-storied buildings or bungalows don’t need foundations that are […]

Want A Reason To Go For Group Music Lessons? We’ve Got 10!

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Most children seem to be absolutely in love with the ‘cool’ idea of enrolling for group music lessons! Learning with peers has always been associated with a plethora of astonishing benefits for youngsters as well as grown-ups. Working in a group helps in developing distinct notions regarding the proper code of conduct, adds volumes of […]

Cheers To The Music Teachers That Make Music Education A Reality Today

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It is undeniable that there is growing awareness of the importance of music education in schools and the positive impact it has on the lives of students. But even with this honorable efforts, music education today would not exist without the tireless efforts of music teachers. Teachers are generally not held with the esteem given […]

Strategies For Parental Involvement In Children’s Music Education

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Parental involvement, invariably, means a positive effect on a child’s long-term music education. The very fact that the parents are watching and supporting their child encourages him/her in going far in their thirst for learning quality music through instruments. Several types of research have been conducted to verify this and several kinds of research are […]

Why Employers Should Look Out For Music Education In Their Potential Employees’ Resume


With all the research and evidence proving the many benefits of a musical education, it only makes sense for employers and CEOs to consider a potential employee’s history of music education an added benefit. At least that is what Dylan Savage argues in his article: ‘What CEOs Need to Know: The Benefits of Past Music […]

4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Stick With Musical Instruments After Graduating To Middle School

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A major challenge that needs to be addressed as far as music education goes is that of continuity, particularly during school transitions. As kids graduate from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, parents and students alike are forced to make and adapt to drastic changes. The transition process is enough […]

Music Education Is A Complete Package Of Cognitive Skills, Fine Motor Skills, And Social Skills. Excited already?

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Music lessons have the power to enrich human lives in many more ways than you could ever imagine! Besides its immense potential for healing, music lessons can also pave the path for better grades in school. Trust music to effectively bring out hidden talents and help in broadening the avenues of opportunity, for anybody who’s […]

Can Musical Training Improve Your Math Skills?

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A link between music and math may sound bizarre for many of us. When we think of music, we think of graceful fluidity and mood-enhancement, while math will usually trigger memories of complicated equations or rigid functions, sets and statistical correlations. As such, it may come as a surprise that there is indeed a link […]