5 Scientific Research Studies that Underscore Music Education’s Influence on Verbal and Reading Skills

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‘Music makes you smarter’ is the ultimate quote to live by. For all those music lovers out there who would rather spend their time playing an instrument than sit down to complete boring school work, here are five scientific research studies that provide strong insight into the positive influence of music education on verbal skills, […]

Music Education Attunes Students For Emotional And Social Development? YES!

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The immense popularity earned by music festivals like Coachella and online music services like Pandora and Spotify is proof of how important music is to our culture. Researchers continue to find that listening to music or learning music is strongly linked to our mental and emotional health. If these aren’t reason enough to get you […]

Music Education Can Transform The Life Of Your Child

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Countless studies have proven that music enables children for a better life while they are growing up. Psychologists, as well as scientists, have confirmed that music education offered to a kid in early childhood will help their brains develop uniquely. Read on to know more about how music education can alter a child’s life and […]

Top 5 Destinations For Music Students That Want To Study Abroad

Where you get your music education can contribute significantly to the value of the education itself. This is because a venue that exposes you to music-rich cultures, people and life will enhance your education experience. The value of music study abroad programs shines through in an international setting. Not only are students given the chance […]

Do Music Graduates Really Benefit From Their Degrees? Here Are The Stats!

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Many music college applicants, undergraduates and parents often wonder whether a music degree will ultimately pay off. For most of them, the choice to pursue musical studies is largely driven by their passion and not the security of a job at the end of their education. A lot of parents will seek advice from music […]

Music As A Vehicle Of Academic Brilliance – Stats That Will Amaze Anybody

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Music has the power to unleash the true power and potential of the mind. Numerous studies conducted on students all over the world have established the synergistic effects of music and education in the long run. Most recent studies show that music can change the neuron maps inside the brain for the better. Music stimulates […]

Hats Off to Music Teachers!

Historically, teachers generally received a lot less recognition than other professionals. That’s a fact most if not all of them learned to live with. But it didn’t end there. Teachers in the arts received even less recognition than their science counterparts, and were often looked down on because arts subjects were considered inferior to science […]

Children Who Learn Music are All Set for Great Futures – Says Science

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What is common between Einstein, Lazlo, and Feynman besides the fact that they are the finest minds of the 20th century who have contributed to the advancement of theoretical science? All of them shared a great love for music! While Einstein was a wonderful violin player, Feynman liked to spend his free time playing the […]

5 Little Known Ways in Which Music Education Empowers Humans

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If you are really into music, whether it is actually practicing or just listening to it, no doubt you have felt its positive effects time and again. It has long been a firm perception that musical education greatly improves the cognitive and psychological areas of human development. It is only recently that a lot of […]

How Much Do We Stand to Lose Without Music Education?

There are endless arguments about the value of music education. These debates largely revolve around the education sector, where there are more demands than the resources available to meet them. School administrators are thus forced to make choices, and these choices are often not in favor of music education. “It takes time away from academics.” […]