10 Amazing Reads to Get You Excited About Music Education for Kids

Music Education

Music is an incredible resource for children, both as a recreational and as an education tool. To experience the benefits of music education for kids, enjoy these ten most amazing reads that are sure to make you feel good about a musical education. PBS Parents’ the Benefits of Music Education: This article gives parents an […]

The 3 Major Ways Technology has Changed Music Teaching and Learning

There are plenty of helpful technologies that those in the music education sector can make use of to enhance their activities. Whether they are music students, teachers or enthusiasts, technology opens up opportunities that just a century ago were unimaginable. It also helps that they make life much more convenient, so learning music is a […]

Keeping on TRAK©: A Breakthrough System That Can Help Your Child Love Music for Life

keep on track

  If you’re a parent hoping that your child might have that latent Mozart or Elton John gene dying to be unleashed, you’ve probably experienced the misery of trying to keep them committed to music lessons; at least long enough before their interest wanes and the music stays trapped inside forever. The truth is that […]

5 Proven Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music Training for Bettering Human Lives

Here’s a fact – 75% or more students in US high schools keep aloof of music training (as indicated by a recent research published by US Department of Education). It’s almost worrying how so many young children are missing out on the amazing health benefits of music, despite the availability of better music training infrastructures […]

10 Phenomenal Reasons for Parents to Enroll Kids for Music Lessons

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They say that music is food for the soul, but what they don’t tell you is that music has a number of intrinsic benefits when taught to young people. Musicians and music fans have always advocated the need for music and instruments training. And, a number of recent studies have revealed that music can actually […]

The Economic Benefits of Music Education – A South Australian Perspective

street musicians

Budget cuts to government funding of music education seem to be a global problem – at least for developed countries. Like many headlines talking of the music cut in western countries, South Australia is no different: I read in despair reports about the shutting down of advanced music courses at colleges and universities in Adelaide, […]

4 Major Reasons Why Music Is Really Being Cut From Schools

Anxiety is a common companion for music advocates, parents, teachers, and even students at the end of every budget cycle as they wait to find out whether their favorite programs have been cut. Cutting music programs has become commonplace in many of the public schools of the developed world. They always seem to be the […]

Music Lessons – Scientists understand why your parents were right all along

hands of child playing piano

The next time your kid becomes agitated or throws a tantrum because they want to play their favorite video game instead of participating in that family outing, try sending them to piano lessons instead of their room. Scientists have now found a direct correlation between studying music and the emotional and behavioral maturation in children. […]

Do Parents and Teachers Really Value Music Education?

student parent teacher

You might be excused for assuming that one of the reasons why music education in schools is facing so many challenges is because education stakeholders do not think it’s valuable. It would make sense to think that budget cuts on music and the arts are the result of parents and teachers not valuing such education. […]

Music Education Makes for Well-Rounded Individuals – Before and After School

An endless list of researchers have proven that learning how to play an instrument contributes significantly to a child’s cognitive abilities. For instance, if you’re wondering where else your kids can develop outstanding hand-eye coordination away from violent video games, get them to learn how to play an instrument. In fact, depending on the instrument, […]