How To Stop Teenagers From Quitting Music Lessons

A common phenomenon among young music students occurs when they enter their teenage years – they suddenly lose interest in their music lessons and instruments. Surprisingly, however, is that it’s during these years that their overall interest in music increases significantly. Why the paradox? One major reason is that the music they are learning is […]

Hats Off to Music Teachers!

Historically, teachers generally received a lot less recognition than other professionals. That’s a fact most if not all of them learned to live with. But it didn’t end there. Teachers in the arts received even less recognition than their science counterparts, and were often looked down on because arts subjects were considered inferior to science […]

Why Kids Quit Music Lessons, and How You Ensure That Yours Don’t

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Like most arts and subjects, learning and practicing music has its ebbs and flows. Whereas most kids find the idea of getting their hands on a guitar pretty alluring, they are not really geared up for the toil that the musical instrument demands before it agrees to obey the fingers and hands of the person […]

A Discourse on the Importance of Timing Musical Education for Children Well

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We all love music, because of the warmth it lends to the soul, and the energy it imparts to the human feet on the dance floor. Apart from the awesome moments that music creates in the human life, it is scientifically documented that music education for children has unmatched benefits. Children, in particular, stand to […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Teenage Piano Students Interested

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Any piano teacher with young students can tell you how challenging it is to retain their teenage students. Kids always seem to be fully engaged when they are younger, but this quickly changes when they hit their teenage years. There’s a whole lot of reasons why this occurs, as discussed by Alejandro Cremaschi: Premature lesson […]

‘Music City’ Leads The Way In Music Education

In a day and age when music education is drastically losing support and music and arts programs are receiving less and less funding in public schools, it’s not all bad news everywhere. Known as the home of country music, Nashville is a city with a strong foundation centered on music. In fact, visitors often venture […]

Why Is New Music Education Technology Targeting China And Not The West?

If you haven’t heard of Tonara, it’s an interactive sheet music app that keeps score as a song is performed through its acoustic polyphonic score following, and automatically turns the page when the player reaches the end of a page. Earlier this year, the Israeli startup got a financial boost from a major investment from […]

Musical Dyslexia: What Is It And Does It Really Exist?

Music teachers sometimes come across students that consistently skip notes, don’t keep to the time values, add their own rhythms and find it hard or impossible to keep in time or maintain a steady pulse. You might be tempted to write it off as disinterest, lack of talent or being disorganized, and you may be […]

11 Ways To Lose A Band Student

Any good band teacher doesn’t want to lose his or her students. But you will sometimes find that you can’t help it – a student may simply lack interest and drop out, and there’s not much you can do if the student simply won’t put the effort. In fact, you might breathe a sigh of […]

7 Tried And Tested Tips That Will Get Your Music Students Practicing More

Your music students probably love to play their instruments, but if you’re like most music teachers, you’ve observed that practice seems to be a common challenge for most of them. As a music teacher, you want to see your students excel, so it’s important for you to find creative ways to encourage them to practice. […]