Finally – Proof That The Brain’s Music Room Exists!

brain music room

Music pervades every kind of difference that exists between human beings. That’s why scientists have always wondered whether our brains have a common ‘music room’ that makes us respond to music. “It has been the subject of widespread speculation,” says Josh McDermott… “One of the core debates surrounding music is to what extent it has […]

4 Ways You Can Use Music to Make Your Everyday Life More Enjoyable

‘There’s a time and place for everything!’ You’ve probably heard this very many times, and if you’ve lived long enough to have made a couple of mistakes and learned a few lessons from them, you know this is true. It’s also true about music. There is a time and place for every type of music, […]

[Infographic] 6 Major Health Benefits of Music You Should Know

If you spend too much time listening to music, well now you have a great excuse to keep up the habit. Regardless of your preferred genre, music has health benefits, and there’s lots of research out there to back this up. Here is an infographic highlighting some of the major health benefits you get when […]

What’s The Best and Worst Music For Boosting Productivity At Work?

Music has long been known to boost mental activity. However, there is a lot of debate about whether listening to music while working is a good idea or whether it just serves as a distraction to make you work slower. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of research to help us separate myth from fact. […]