The Mystery Of Jazz Music Revealed

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If you ask most people about jazz music, they will tell you it’s this complex type of music that is quite removed from the usual. Before you dismiss it for an “out-of-bounds” area of music for you, this post will help you appreciate this unusual style of music. What is it? One of the first […]

New Study Reveals What Type of Music Americans Hate

What type of music do you hate? It sounds pretty simple, but it would seem that this is a question Americans find more difficult to answer today than they did 20 years ago. But this is not a bad thing. The reason it’s become a more complicated question is because people are getting more open-minded […]

What’s The Link Between Your Musical Taste And Your Personality?

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For most of us, music is a part of our daily lives. Even if you do not intentionally put some music on, a family member or roommate may do it for you, or you might visit a store that’s playing background music. Whatever the case, we all have our musical preferences – there’s music that […]