How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost? Getting Ready for Your First Lesson

How Much Are Piano Lessons

Has learning to play the piano always been a dream of yours? Well, don’t let price get in the way! Here’s how much do an average cost for piano lessons and how to prep for your first lesson. Are you interested in learning how to play the piano? You can do it by finding a […]

The 15 Best Sing Along Songs for Piano

Best sing along songs

Always wanted to tackle some of those best sing along songs on the piano? Today, we’ve prepared a list of 15 of the best sing along songs that you can learn how to play on the piano. What did people do at your last party? Mingle in their little groups? Hang out around the guacamole […]

You Can Be A GREAT Guitarist – Read To Find Out How

electric guitar

Anyone fantasizing about becoming a sensational guitarist in future is more than eager to unlock the mysteries of all the fantastic guitarists across the world! Why is it that some players reach the zenith of their musical careers quite soon, while others struggle to remain afloat in a sea of frustration and unfulfilled dreams? Drawing […]

The Most Asked Questions On Music Lessons Answered Crisply And Correctly

a chalkboard written " any questions"

There is nothing better than listening to some soothing music after a tough day at work; the best way to escape from all the stress and chaos of everyday life! It works wonders on your soul, rejuvenating it. But playing music is even better! If you are interested in learning music, be it singing or […]

The Smart Parent’s Guide To Rekindling Motivation For Music Lessons In Children

mother teaching child by imitation

Childhood is one most remarkable phases of your kid’s life. This is the time when they start having a rush of emotions and don’t understand how to handle or identify them. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to help your kids and motivate them to try some something new. Music is one such new […]

Before You Select a Music Lessons Academy, Consider This

Music has this magical quality of connecting people, transcending borders uniting hearts. It is a stress buster helping you escape the chaos of mundane life. Blessed are the people who are gifted with the ability to create good music. And if you are one of them you must nurture this talent. But don’t join any […]

11 Ways To Lose A Band Student

Any good band teacher doesn’t want to lose his or her students. But you will sometimes find that you can’t help it – a student may simply lack interest and drop out, and there’s not much you can do if the student simply won’t put the effort. In fact, you might breathe a sigh of […]