Writing A Love Song – The Way It’s Meant To Be


Want to impress your better half and express your feeling articulately? What better way than writing them a love song! Listening to all those popular love songs over the years and wishing you could write something as awesome as that? A song that intense, heartfelt and pure, and so full of emotions never gets old. […]

Strategies For Parental Involvement In Children’s Music Education

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Parental involvement, invariably, means a positive effect on a childโ€™s long-term music education. The very fact that the parents are watching and supporting their child encourages him/her in going far in their thirst for learning quality music through instruments. Several types of research have been conducted to verify this and several kinds of research are […]

Why Employers Should Look Out For Music Education In Their Potential Employees’ Resume


With all the research and evidence proving the many benefits of a musical education, it only makes sense for employers and CEOs to consider a potential employeeโ€™s history of music education an added benefit. At least that is what Dylan Savage argues in his article: โ€˜What CEOs Need to Know: The Benefits of Past Music […]

4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Stick With Musical Instruments After Graduating To Middle School

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A major challenge that needs to be addressed as far as music education goes is that of continuity, particularly during school transitions. As kids graduate from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, parents and students alike are forced to make and adapt to drastic changes. The transition process is enough […]

Mind-Reading Computer Helps Novice Piano Players Learn Faster

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The best learning takes place progressively, starting from the most basic elements of the subject being taught and increasing the complexity till the learner becomes a pro. As the learner becomes familiar with the less complex elements, he or she is in a better position to move to the next level of complexity with ease. […]

Top 5 Destinations For Music Students That Want To Study Abroad

Where you get your music education can contribute significantly to the value of the education itself. This is because a venue that exposes you to music-rich cultures, people and life will enhance your education experience. The value of music study abroad programs shines through in an international setting. Not only are students given the chance […]

What Can Aspiring Musicians Gain From Formal Music Education Over Being Self-Taught?

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Aspiring musicians have one crucial decision they need to make concerning getting to where they want to be; whether to take formal lessons or be self-taught. Both options have their pros and cons, so itโ€™s important to understand each of these before making the final decision. Being self-taught definitely has an element of adventure and […]

Do Music Graduates Really Benefit From Their Degrees? Here Are The Stats!

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Many music college applicants, undergraduates and parents often wonder whether a music degree will ultimately pay off. For most of them, the choice to pursue musical studies is largely driven by their passion and not the security of a job at the end of their education. A lot of parents will seek advice from music […]

The Gravest Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid When Their Kids Begin Learning Piano

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Maria Augusta von Trapp defined music as a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. Music is an art and it is to be treated like that and not otherwise, like a competition. A good number of parents, without any musical background, get their kids admitted to a music school or simply […]

How To Stop Teenagers From Quitting Music Lessons

A common phenomenon among young music students occurs when they enter their teenage years โ€“ they suddenly lose interest in their music lessons and instruments. Surprisingly, however, is that itโ€™s during these years that their overall interest in music increases significantly. Why the paradox? One major reason is that the music they are learning is […]