What Things Should I Look For When Searching For A Good Piano Teacher?

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Looking for a professional tutor to teach you the technicalities of the piano? Someone who can guide you, support you in your musical journey? Well, a marvelous piano teacher is not only an eternal source of encouragement but also an inspiration for budding pianists who want to make it big in the music industry. An […]

What To Look For In A Music Teacher For Your Child

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The gift of music is one of the best lifelong gifts a parent can give his or her child. That is why itโ€™s equally important to ensure your gift is packaged right so it can have the positive impact it should. A poor-quality music teacher will seriously water down your childโ€™s musical experience and could […]

Cheers To The Music Teachers That Make Music Education A Reality Today

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It is undeniable that there is growing awareness of the importance of music education in schools and the positive impact it has on the lives of students. But even with this honorable efforts, music education today would not exist without the tireless efforts of music teachers. Teachers are generally not held with the esteem given […]

How To Stop Teenagers From Quitting Music Lessons

A common phenomenon among young music students occurs when they enter their teenage years โ€“ they suddenly lose interest in their music lessons and instruments. Surprisingly, however, is that itโ€™s during these years that their overall interest in music increases significantly. Why the paradox? One major reason is that the music they are learning is […]

Hats Off to Music Teachers!

Historically, teachers generally received a lot less recognition than other professionals. Thatโ€™s a fact most if not all of them learned to live with. But it didnโ€™t end there. Teachers in the arts received even less recognition than their science counterparts, and were often looked down on because arts subjects were considered inferior to science […]

8 Reasons Why Students Really Quit Their Instruments And How To Prevent It

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Most public school students will begin playing an instrument if there is a music program to facilitate this. However, one or two years down the line, more than half of them quit. As a result, they do not gain the full benefits that music education has to offer. There are typical answers you will get […]

Music Lessons – Scientists understand why your parents were right all along

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The next time your kid becomes agitated or throws a tantrum because they want to play their favorite video game instead of participating in that family outing, try sending them to piano lessons instead of their room. Scientists have now found a direct correlation between studying music and the emotional and behavioral maturation in children. […]

Do Parents and Teachers Really Value Music Education?

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You might be excused for assuming that one of the reasons why music education in schools is facing so many challenges is because education stakeholders do not think itโ€™s valuable. It would make sense to think that budget cuts on music and the arts are the result of parents and teachers not valuing such education. […]

Why Kids Quit Music Lessons, and How You Ensure That Yours Don’t

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Like most arts and subjects, learning and practicing music has its ebbs and flows. Whereas most kids find the idea of getting their hands on a guitar pretty alluring, they are not really geared up for the toil that the musical instrument demands before it agrees to obey the fingers and hands of the person […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Teenage Piano Students Interested

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Any piano teacher with young students can tell you how challenging it is to retain their teenage students. Kids always seem to be fully engaged when they are younger, but this quickly changes when they hit their teenage years. Thereโ€™s a whole lot of reasons why this occurs, as discussed by Alejandro Cremaschi: Premature lesson […]