The Best Piano Lesson Books for Students and Teachers

Piano Books

Whether you’re a student or a teacher of piano, books are your friends. These are basic piano library lessons books that are perfect no matter where you are on your piano journey. Having a library of piano lesson books allows you to easy access to make sure you’re getting the most out of your practice […]

Piano Notes: The Ultimate Guide to Learning to Read Sheet Music

Piano Notes

There’s more to a piece of music than notes, rests, and repeats. Progress with your work. Read this advanced instruction to reading piano notes. All cars eat gas. Every good boy does fine. These mnemonics are all well and good, but they’re not that useful when you’re playing a Schubert concerto at 135 bpm. Between […]

The Complete Guide to Music Key Signatures

key signature

What is a Key Signature? Have you ever noticed that at the beginning of some pieces of music, there is often a group of sharps or flats before the music even starts like this? This is an example of a key signature. A key signature is a symbol at the beginning of a song that […]