10 Songs That Might Actually Teach Kids Something About Life

Earlier this year, AQA, Britain’s biggest exam board approved the study of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a Beatle’s music album, as part of the curriculum for GCSE music students. The album is considered appropriate because it helped “define popular music”. In particular, three tracks from the album were selected to be studied by […]

Can Music Really Beat Drugs In Treating Medical Conditions?

It’s possible that if we took music a little more seriously, we would be in much better health. According to a study conducted by the Psychology Department as McGill University, music is more effective than drugs for a variety of conditions. The study found that music can release natural chemicals and pain relievers in the […]

Magical Effects of Music on Your Brain and Body

That music has a significant impact on the way you act, feel and think is an undeniable fact. But for those of you that still need proof, here’s another infographic for you: The level of impact that music will have on people’s brains and bodies is not necessarily the same. First because different genres have […]

NYCs Last Classical Sheet Music Store to Close

So NYC’s last classical sheet music store is soon to close. Is this the end of classical music as we know it? NO! There was more sheet music sold online than ever before. Sheet music has never been more accessible. Anyone that has access to a computer either at home or at the library and […]

5 Simple Tips Every Drummer Needs To Know

Drum Lessons

Sometimes it seems like meaningful progress takes forever. After starting out quickly on an instrument, many people hit a point where each small improvement takes a large investment of time, and it can be frustrating! For drummers, this often happens when trying to master some advanced coordination, which requires as much mental practice as physical. […]