Kawai GX-2 vs GX-3 Grand Piano Comparison, Including Features, Benefits, Price & More

Kawai GX-2 vs GX-3

The 5’11” Kawai GX-2 grand piano is among our top-selling instruments here at Merriam Music, but for some folks, the 6’2” GX-3 is worth the extra spend all day. In this article and companion video, we’ll be comparing the Kawai GX-2 vs GX-3 side by side. This should be helpful as these two instruments often […]

Baby Grand Piano – Everything You Ever Needed To Know (2020 Updated)

Used Baby Grand Piano

Introduction Hi, everybody and welcome to another piano video here at Merriam Pianos. My name is Stu Harrison. And in this video, we’re talking about baby grand pianos. This is a follow up video, where I’m really gonna be focusing on what are the questions you need to ask yourself to dive into this whole […]

A Musical Introduction to the Different Types of Clarinets

Types Of Clarinets

The clarinet is used across a wide range of musical styles from classical to rock. There are a few types of clarinets available, find out about them here. Around the late 17th century, Johann Denner invented the first clarinet. Inspired by an instrument called a chalumeau, Denner crafted the clarinet we recognize today. Since then, […]

8 Reasons Why Students Really Quit Their Instruments And How To Prevent It

Quit Music Lessons

Most public school students will begin playing an instrument if there is a music program to facilitate this. However, one or two years down the line, more than half of them quit. As a result, they do not gain the full benefits that music education has to offer. There are typical answers you will get […]

Yes, You Needed To Be At NAMM 2016 To See Some Futuristic Music Instruments


Considered to be the most important event in the music industry, the NAMM is a prolific music and equipment show that ran from the January 21st to Sunday, January 24th, 2016. The show was set to host nearly 100,000 visitors and over 1,400 exhibitors displaying and promoting their latest musical equipment. The 2015 NAMM Show […]

All the Advice You need to Help Your Child Choose the Right Instrument

It’s surprising how what’s seemingly a straightforward decision for children and parents, often governs the course that the musical learning journey of the child takes. How do you ensure that you help your child in identifying and choosing the right instrument for his/her musical motivations and aspirations? Here’s some guidance. The Right Instrument for the […]