Why Employers Should Look Out For Music Education In Their Potential Employees’ Resume


With all the research and evidence proving the many benefits of a musical education, it only makes sense for employers and CEOs to consider a potential employeeโ€™s history of music education an added benefit. At least that is what Dylan Savage argues in his article: โ€˜What CEOs Need to Know: The Benefits of Past Music […]

4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Stick With Musical Instruments After Graduating To Middle School

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A major challenge that needs to be addressed as far as music education goes is that of continuity, particularly during school transitions. As kids graduate from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, parents and students alike are forced to make and adapt to drastic changes. The transition process is enough […]

Music Education Is A Complete Package Of Cognitive Skills, Fine Motor Skills, And Social Skills. Excited already?

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Music lessons have the power to enrich human lives in many more ways than you could ever imagine! Besides its immense potential for healing, music lessons can also pave the path for better grades in school. Trust music to effectively bring out hidden talents and help in broadening the avenues of opportunity, for anybody whoโ€™s […]

Can Musical Training Improve Your Math Skills?

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A link between music and math may sound bizarre for many of us. When we think of music, we think of graceful fluidity and mood-enhancement, while math will usually trigger memories of complicated equations or rigid functions, sets and statistical correlations. As such, it may come as a surprise that there is indeed a link […]