How To Assess An Online Music Teacher

drum lesson online

With the advent and increase in technology, just about anything can be done online. Learning an instrument or training your vocals are just two examples from the world of music. This means that there is a myriad of resources from different people available on the internet. As such, you can now choose what you want […]

Can A Person Take Piano Lessons Online?

learning the piano accompanied by a tablet

Traditional piano teachers do not approve of taking online lessons. They find it difficult to stay on top of technological advancements and instead recommend one on one lessons. But the most important thing that needs to be understood here is that any form of teaching is self-teaching. The role of a teacher is not so much […]

The 3 Major Ways Technology has Changed Music Teaching and Learning

There are plenty of helpful technologies that those in the music education sector can make use of to enhance their activities. Whether they are music students, teachers or enthusiasts, technology opens up opportunities that just a century ago were unimaginable. It also helps that they make life much more convenient, so learning music is a […]

Online Music Education Games for Kids

kids playing online games

Gaming or playing computer games is often blamed for preventing children from pursuing more productive activities. The challenge here is that gaming appeals to children because it’s fun. That’s the reason why learning has today been taken to the gaming platform so that kids have their fun and get to learn something new while they’re […]