Kawai Digital Piano Action | RHC, GFC, Millennium III | Kawai Portable Digital Piano Actions

Kawai Digital Piano Actions

When it comes to digital piano keyboard actions, Kawai has consistently been viewed as one of the leaders of the pack, with some of the best actions available in almost every price point and class. We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to do a deep dive on the entire Kawai digital piano action […]

Kawai Digital Piano Actions | CA99/Novus 5/Novus 10/CN Line | Kawai Hybrid Digital Piano Actions Explained

Kawai Digital Piano Actions

If you’d like some insight and clarity with regard to the Kawai keyboard actions available in their home and hybrid digital pianos, you’ve come to the right place. This is the second entry in a 2-part series covering Kawai digital piano actions. To read the first entry where we looked at all of Kawai’s actions […]

Yamaha vs Kawai | Differences Between Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha vs Kawai

Brands like Steinway and Bechstein are forever associated with the very origins of the piano industry, as well as the innovation of what really a lot of us think of as the modern piano. But few brands have had as large an impact on the modern piano industry as Kawai and Yamaha of Japan. In […]

Kawai K300 Aures Hybrid Piano – Review & Demo

Kawai K300 Aures Hybrid Piano

Kawai K300 Aures | Overview The Kawai K300 Aures Hybrid Upright piano has been an absolute sensation since it hit the market. It is a hybrid piano meaning this is a mix of both digital and acoustic technology. Sometimes manufacturers use the term hybrid instrument very liberally, but in this case, the K-300 Aures is […]