Pertinent Questions You Need To Ask Before Purchasing Your Own Piano

Pitcher And Piano

Purchasing a piano is no doubt a milestone in a musician’s career and no amount of caution you exercise is enough to prepare you for taking this major step in investing in the instrument that will become an extension of your inner creative self. Here’s some crucial information that will help you make the perfect […]

The Best Advise You’ll Ever Get On Buying an Acoustic or a Digital Piano

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A piano or keyboard promises many hours, weeks and years of enjoyment for you and your family. That’s why you need to be sure the money you spend on it pays off. The only way to do this is take the time to decide what you want and need, and understand what’s out there. Searching […]

A Crash Course in the Science of Buying a Brand New Piano


A brand new piano is an investment; it can give wings to your talent with the ivory keys, it can give you the sense of ownership of something powerful and coveted, and it is your magic pot from where you can pull out pieces of art. Even in financial terms, your classy new piano will […]