How to Play If You’re Happy and You Know It on the Piano | Free Sheet Music

If Youre Happy and You Know It Piano Tutorial

Welcome to another easy piano tutorial from Merriam’s Online Academy. Today we’re going to be teaching you how to play If You’re Happy and You Know It on the piano with your Right Hand only, in F Major. It’s helpful if you’ve already covered flats, as well as quarter and eighth notes and rests. The […]

Back to Basics – The Unforgettable Lessons Every Pianist Swears By

man playing the piano

With its soft smooth notes and deep sound, the piano is perhaps the best instrument for aspiring musicians who want to make it big in the industry. The keys and chords of the piano have a language of their own – a code that every emerging pianist strives to master. You must be familiar with […]

The Mistakes Pianists Make – All of Them Covered for You

fingers playing the piano

Fumbling, breaking the rhythm, going out of tune or missing a crucial note in the middle of the performance is every musician’s horror! As a pianist it is obvious that you want to hit the right notes and give flawless performances, but nothing is perfect and that applies to your piano playing skills as well. […]

3 Celebrity Pianos Hit The Headlines Recently – Find Out Why

piano keys

The piano has made a significant contribution to the world of music, having been employed widely in classical, traditional, jazz and popular music. Its benefits to the player are many and varied, and when it comes to enhancing the player’s neurological abilities, it is said to be superior to other instruments. Most piano’s go through […]

Baby Born Blind and Handicapped Now An Accomplished Musician

Patrick Hughes on the Piano

One amazing thing about music is that it is not limited to anyone; it belongs to everyone and can be enjoyed and created by anyone. Today we take a peek into the life of a young man who against all odds has built a lasting relationship with the world through music. When this young man […]