Everything You Need To Know About Putting Your Piano And Piano Lessons To Good Use

Steve Tripak at Piano

So you’ve gone ahead and fulfilled that long cherished dream of learning how to play the piano. In fact, you have even invested in an instrument of your own to practice at your convenience – such is the level of your commitment. But now that you’ve taken the lessons and are confident of being able to […]

Wondering How Much Piano Lessons Cost? Here Are Your Answers

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Music has always been an important educational tool, but the allure of the piano has captivated millions of people for centuries now. Unsurprisingly, students signing up for piano lessons form a goodly number at most schools and institutions. These lessons can vary anywhere between $40 and $70 for every session, and here are the factors […]

A Thorough Guide on How to Support Kids in their Piano Learning Development

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For any parent, introducing your child to a musical instrument can be a difficult enterprise. If the instrument of your choice is the classic piano, be prepared, the nuanced nature of the instrument may leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed and anxious. Fortunately, breaking the entire process down to a fixed routine of categorical do’s and […]

5 Steps To Getting Started On Piano Improvisation

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Improvising is one of the ways to truly enjoy music because it involves a lot of fun, creativity, and playfulness. Although most piano improvisation tends to be in the jazz, rock and blues genres, that doesn’t mean you cannot improvise in whatever musical style you choose. If you’re just starting out on piano improvisation, there’s […]

Is My Child Ready For Piano Lessons – A Musical Mom’s Advice

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A lot of parents would love to give their children the gift of music as early as possible. Piano lessons, in particular, offer a lot of benefits to your child that will last a lifetime. However, you don’t want to push your baby into something he or she is not yet ready for. So how […]