Does My 6-Year-Old Absolutely Need A Piano Or Will A Keyboard Suffice For A While?

boy playing the piano

Purchasing your child’s first piano can be a daunting task. It’s preceded by a veritable minefield of questions – should I buy a piano or should I rent one? Is it okay to buy a keyboard rather for initial lessons? What sort of a piano or a keyboard should I purchase? What is the maintenance […]

Piano Lessons Are Like Chicken Soup For Your Child’s Mental And Emotional Health – Here’s Why

piano lesson

The range of benefits offered by piano lessons for children is really extensive. The purpose of piano lessons is not just about providing your kids with an opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. Apart from boosting the cognitive functioning of your child’s brain and sharpening his/her analytical or mathematical skills, piano lessons […]

Wondering How Much Piano Lessons Cost? Here Are Your Answers

piano instructor

Music has always been an important educational tool, but the allure of the piano has captivated millions of people for centuries now. Unsurprisingly, students signing up for piano lessons form a goodly number at most schools and institutions. These lessons can vary anywhere between $40 and $70 for every session, and here are the factors […]

A Thorough Guide on How to Support Kids in their Piano Learning Development

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For any parent, introducing your child to a musical instrument can be a difficult enterprise. If the instrument of your choice is the classic piano, be prepared, the nuanced nature of the instrument may leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed and anxious. Fortunately, breaking the entire process down to a fixed routine of categorical do’s and […]

The Gravest Mistakes Parents Need To Avoid When Their Kids Begin Learning Piano

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Maria Augusta von Trapp defined music as a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. Music is an art and it is to be treated like that and not otherwise, like a competition. A good number of parents, without any musical background, get their kids admitted to a music school or simply […]

Is My Child Ready For Piano Lessons – A Musical Mom’s Advice

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A lot of parents would love to give their children the gift of music as early as possible. Piano lessons, in particular, offer a lot of benefits to your child that will last a lifetime. However, you don’t want to push your baby into something he or she is not yet ready for. So how […]

When Should My Child Start Taking Piano Lessons?

Children, just like adults, love music, and it’s best to nurture their creativity while they’re still young. A lot of kids show interest in musical instruments pretty early. You may have noticed your child loves banging on any piano she (or he) comes across, and you may be wondering whether it’s time to start her […]

What Makes Lang Lang Such An Exceptional Pianist?

Lang Lang

There are a lot of great pianists in the world today, but few can boast the charm and charisma that Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang exudes both on and off stage.  The concerts he has held at major music venues around the world have sold out, and he has received numerous awards in his career. […]

How Piano Lessons can Benefit Emotional Health and Mental Capacity in Children

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Piano lessons are not only about giving children the opportunity to learn about music, but recent research has proven that learning how to play piano has an intense impact on a child’s brain and provides them with a number of benefits which would last their lifetime. Music education can increase the chances of success in a […]

MAKE PIANO FUN: Learn How To Turn a Piano Practice Chore Into a FUN Experience For Your Child

One of the biggest challenges for a piano teacher is to convince his or her students that learning piano is fun. That’s completely understandable, because learning piano takes a lot of time and practice, and kids generally don’t understand the concept of deferred gratification. Any normal child will have a hard time concentrating on something […]