The 10 Most Swoon-Worthy Piano Love Songs

Piano Love Songs

There’s nothing more romantic than serenading someone by playing a beautiful song on the piano. Here are the bestย piano love songs that will make anyone swoon for you. Some piano love songs resonate deep into your soul. Take John Legend’s All of Me that took the radio waves and YouTube by storm. With overย 1.3 billion […]

7 Easy Piano Songs to Play

7 Easy Piano Songs to Play

Learning to play a musical instrument produces mental and physical benefits. The piano in particular not only improves memory but can also boost linguistic skills. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety. You’re never too old or too young to learn how to play the piano. However, the beginning stage of the process can be quite […]

15 Easy Pop Songs to Play on Piano

Easy Pop Songs Piano

Do you ever hear a pop song on the radio and wish you could play it too? Those songs seem so complicated. You might think it would take years of practice to be able to play your favorite tunes. But that’s not true! There are pared-down versions of those songs that even beginners can learn. […]