Explore Different Ways Of Expanding Your Creativity While Learning Piano

fingers playing the piano

Learning piano is popular all over the world. The ability to play piano is considered one of the top enviable skills in the world of music. There have been occasions when a famous musician at a concert asked for someone who could play the piano from the crowd and that became the turning point for […]

The Most Practical Tips Any Adult Can Adopt For Quicker Progress In Learning The Piano

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Do you love the piano? Do you rue skipping your piano lessons as a child? Do you feel bad you dropped your dream of being a piano master way too soon? Do you feel that it’s too late now? Well learning is never limited by boundaries of age, be it any learning a new language, […]

She’s Playing Piano; She’s Singing – Here’s How She’s Doing Both!

lady plays piano as she is backed up by singers

Singing and playing the piano at the same time is something that all music enthusiasts have wanted to try at some point of time or the other. But while doing both, it is likely that you’ll lose concentration on one, in no time. While paying too much attention to the piano keys, you might find […]

Priceless Piano Learning Gems That Are Often Overlooked

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Learning the piano is an exciting journey you are bound to enjoy, no matter what age you begin learning the instrument. The adventure that comes along with every challenge you give yourself is something to look forward to. While all this is true, it is also very easy to see little or no progress in […]

The Most Effective Off Bench Piano Playing Exercises To Speed Track Your Piano Playing Progress

Steinway & Sons piano bench

When it comes to creativity, precision, style, creativity, and blending all of them together, the sky is the limit of achievement. Of course, there’s no space rocket you can ride on into space, the journey is long and tedious, and you must drive yourself to improve a little every day. No one is going to […]

What Are Some Tips For Learning To Play The Piano As An Adult?

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Time is fleeting and it’s no good looking back at the past with regret. So you couldn’t pursue your musical dream, big deal. You can always start now. It is never too late to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or sixty-five, all you need is practice and willpower to master the piano. Mentioned […]

3 Piano Pro Techniques Every Ambitious Pianist Should Learn

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You have been passionately playing the piano for some time now – probably for years. Whenever you listen to yourself playing the piano, it just sounds like you playing. On the other hand, when you listen to some of the pros playing the piano, they seem to have some magic they use to make their […]

Step Into The Limitless World of Piano Improvisation

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The piano is one of the instruments that have been used in music for a long time. It was preceded by stringed instruments such as the harps and other stringed instruments, which go as far back as the prehistoric times. Some of the shortcomings of these stringed instruments are what led to the invention of […]

Finally! Some Sense Out Of The Chaos Around Piano Practice (Or Its Lack) Among Students

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Insufficient practice can be one of the biggest hindrances in the path of achieving your musical goals. Dedicated practice is the ultimate key to success, and the absence of success is the root cause of frustration. Frustration inevitably leads to lack of enthusiasm and diminishing levels of productivity. The moment a person gets caught in […]

Crisp Piano Tips To Help You Play Glissandos Like A Boss

music glissando

Playing piano is not just about producing sounds with the black and white keys. It is an art that involves various techniques. You should be familiar with the different styles and forms of playing the piano. Glissando is one of the forms of playing the piano, in which you produce sounds using specific fingers by […]