5 Mistakes Piano Students Should Avoid When Practicing

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Although there might be pianists that claim to enjoy all their practice sessions, this is not the case for the vast majority of pianists. However, this does not in any way suggest that pianists do not appreciate the importance of their practice sessions. A professional in any field gets better at his or her trade […]

8 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Piano

Buying a used piano allows you to save a lot of money. It may also be the only option you have to owning a good piano on a tight budget. Fortunately, pianos have a pretty good life expectancy, so a used piano that is well maintained could really give you value for money. However, since […]

The Secret Of Success With The Piano? This Guide On Hand Placement…

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The piano is one of the toughest instruments to master. It takes a hell lot of practice and a lot of expert guidance for years and years until you can call yourself even “decent”. While there are many astute online tutorial videos available, make sure you find a suitable instructor at least in the beginning […]

Top 10 Tips to Overcome Stage Fear before Your Piano Recital (Scientist-Recommended)

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Do you suffer from stage fright? Does your heart start beating like a drum just before a performance? Well, if you feel light-headed or tense before a piano recital, you can take gratification in the fact that you’re not the only one. The problem with being nervous is that it’s just the beginning, as it […]

Piano Appraisal: How to Find Your Piano’s Worth?

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Are you looking to sell your mini grand piano to raise some money for your dream concert grand piano? Or, just looking to sell your piano because you’re moving places, and want to buy another one at your new destination? Here’s how you can find out your piano’s worth, and maximize the selling price while […]

Top Facts Every Pianist Needs To Know About Piano Tuning

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Tuning a piano may sound like a very simple task, but in reality it is quite a feat. Each piano has approximately 230 strings with about 200 lbs of tension on each string. Each string is wrapped around a pin which can be turned to tighten or loosen the individual string. It is understandable from […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Proven Tips To Improve Your Piano Posture

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If you’re going to play the piano well, you must be physically and mentally flexible and relaxed. Many people want to believe that their musical intuition should be enough to help them play well. Unfortunately, this may have a negative effect on one’s health, and it becomes difficult to interact with maximum efficiency with the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Returning the White of Your Piano’s Yellowing Keys

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Having a grand piano in the living room creates a wonderful creative space. Pianos are perfect for all kinds of decors and themes. However, cleaning a piano is quite a bit of a challenge. The discoloration of the piano keys takes away all the charm. However, we’ve got the secrets to return the white of […]

What Your Piano Expects from You – The Sincere Piano Owner’s Manual

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Even though a manufacturer might deliver a dozen pianos as a part of a batch, you can bet that five years down the line, none of them will sound alike to a trained piano musician’s ear. That’s because the voice, or tone, of the piano, depends on how often it’s played, the surroundings it’s kept […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Piano Moving Company

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An inexperienced piano moving company cannot be expected to do a good job. There is no reason for you to trust them with your antique piano. While taking such a risk may help you save a few bucks, the risk of potential damage to your piano is too high. If something goes wrong, you will […]