72 Killer Resources for 5 Essential Keys to Great Piano Posture

By Emilee Tran Have you ever observed your favorite pianists, noticed their postures and how they seem to play with ease at all times? Piano playing is an art. To achieve beautiful sound and good technique, you need to find the place that allows you to feel good at the instrument and enjoy your practice. In […]

The Ultimate Guide to Piano Care – How often do I need to tune my piano?

piano care

Piano owners are inquisitive folks; they care for their piano and hardly hold back when they meet anybody who sounds like an expertise at piano playing, piano maintenance, or piano restoration. We’ve compiled the top piano care FAQs asked by enthusiastic piano owners, along with their crisp and straightforward answers. How often do I need […]

A Guide to Long Term Piano Care

Now that you’re reading this post, chances are that you’ve recently bought a new piano, or are looking to buy one. Either way, there’s a long lifetime for you and your piano to love each other. Of course, the responsibility of taking all possible care of your piano rests with you since this incredible musical […]

5 Bad Habits You Need To Kick To Become a Piano Pro

Bad habits when playing piano slow your piano progress significantly. Unfortunately, they are also all too easy to pick up. They’re even easier to pick up when you’re teaching yourself because there’s no professional to spot them and help you get rid of them, or even prevent them altogether. Here are five of the worst […]

How to Practice Piano Off the Keys – For Kids

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Given the chance, most kids will opt out of the many hours of piano practice even though they want the fulfillment of being good at playing the piano. The truth is, the same applies to adults, but they have grown-ups have a much better understanding of how life works, so their resistance will be much […]

How to Practice Piano Off the Keys – For Adults

Practice plays a crucial role in any piano player’s life – it’s one activity that determines how successful you will be as an instrumentalist. However, it demands time, and lots of it – and if you’re like most people, it may be difficult to find as much time to practice as you’d like. However, this […]