What Are The Main Reasons Why People Drop Out Of Piano Lessons?

a chair that is away from the piano

So you think you’ll just pick up any instrument and hit the right chords automatically? Well, reality is different, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, playing the piano requires immense effort and patience. Piano lessons are not everyone’s cup of tea. Statistics show how most piano students quit their music classes within weeks of […]

How Should I Learn Piano – By Ear, By Reading Music, Or Both?

a girl plays piano while reading notes

The ear versus read debate around piano learning strategies encompasses all instruments ranging from the guitar and drums, to the piano and keyboard. Those who have been playing the piano for a while say that both methods of learning to play are essential, but in the end a performer generally adapts to what suits him […]

Radical New Piano Designs That Will Leave You Speechless

steinway grand piano

Designing a piano is no mean feat, considering that fact that classical instrument-making has gone through little if any evolution. Manufacturing a piano is hard enough as it is, even when you are following the typical design. The following post reveals exactly what goes on inside the New York Steinway piano factory: artisanship and craft: […]

3 Heart-Wrenching Piano Stories You Want To Hear

man playing piano

Truth be told, at every moment, there’s something heart-wrenching taking place in some part of the world. We don’t always get to hear about them, but when we do, it reminds us just how difficult life can get. And sometimes, it reminds us to take a moment from our busy lives and realize how much […]

Top Facts Every Pianist Needs To Know About Piano Tuning

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Tuning a piano may sound like a very simple task, but in reality it is quite a feat. Each piano has approximately 230 strings with about 200 lbs of tension on each string. Each string is wrapped around a pin which can be turned to tighten or loosen the individual string. It is understandable from […]

The Ultimate Guide to Returning the White of Your Piano’s Yellowing Keys

cleaning piano keys

Having a grand piano in the living room creates a wonderful creative space. Pianos are perfect for all kinds of decors and themes. However, cleaning a piano is quite a bit of a challenge. The discoloration of the piano keys takes away all the charm. However, we’ve got the secrets to return the white of […]

Why We Love The Piano (And You Might, Too!)

piano hammers

Those who professionally learn piano know that it is not any easy instrument to master nor to comprehend. With 88 keys and the maximum range of pitches, playing the piano is a miracle of hand-eye coordination, tune sense, and memory. However, this imposing instrument also has several quirky facts associated with it. Read on, and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Piano Care – How often do I need to tune my piano?

piano care

Piano owners are inquisitive folks; they care for their piano and hardly hold back when they meet anybody who sounds like an expertise at piano playing, piano maintenance, or piano restoration. We’ve compiled the top piano care FAQs asked by enthusiastic piano owners, along with their crisp and straightforward answers. How often do I need […]

A Crash Course in the Science of Buying a Brand New Piano


A brand new piano is an investment; it can give wings to your talent with the ivory keys, it can give you the sense of ownership of something powerful and coveted, and it is your magic pot from where you can pull out pieces of art. Even in financial terms, your classy new piano will […]

3 Surefire Tricks to Avoid Getting Bored During Piano Practice

People love to play the piano for different reasons. You may want to be able to play your favorite classical piano pieces, or to take piano examinations or even take part in performances, festivals or competitions. Whatever the case, you will need to put in a good number of hours of practice if you’re going […]