Explore Different Ways Of Expanding Your Creativity While Learning Piano

fingers playing the piano

Learning piano is popular all over the world. The ability to play piano is considered one of the top enviable skills in the world of music. There have been occasions when a famous musician at a concert asked for someone who could play the piano from the crowd and that became the turning point for […]

She’s Playing Piano; She’s Singing – Here’s How She’s Doing Both!

lady plays piano as she is backed up by singers

Singing and playing the piano at the same time is something that all music enthusiasts have wanted to try at some point of time or the other. But while doing both, it is likely that you’ll lose concentration on one, in no time. While paying too much attention to the piano keys, you might find […]

Soundtracks That Sound Like Magic on Piano

piano logo written "Rain (Solo Piano)"

When you watch a really good movie, the story, the acting, the direction everything stays with you for a long while. Even the soundtrack or background score of a movie, it really sticks with you long after you’ve left the theater. Now as a music enthusiast you’ve obviously tried to copy these tracks on your […]

What Are Some Tips For Learning To Play The Piano As An Adult?

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Time is fleeting and it’s no good looking back at the past with regret. So you couldn’t pursue your musical dream, big deal. You can always start now. It is never too late to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re five or sixty-five, all you need is practice and willpower to master the piano. Mentioned […]

3 Piano Pro Techniques Every Ambitious Pianist Should Learn

fingers playing the piano

You have been passionately playing the piano for some time now – probably for years. Whenever you listen to yourself playing the piano, it just sounds like you playing. On the other hand, when you listen to some of the pros playing the piano, they seem to have some magic they use to make their […]

They’re Novel, They’re Fun – They’re The Most Awesome Piano Practice Warm Up Methods

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Before heading straight to the piano, investing a bit of time in performing some warm up exercises would not only help in improving your accuracy, but also shield you against potential stress injuries. Be it going for a long run, or playing the piano – warming up is quite essential prior to any physical activity. […]

3 Heart-Wrenching Piano Stories You Want To Hear

man playing piano

Truth be told, at every moment, there’s something heart-wrenching taking place in some part of the world. We don’t always get to hear about them, but when we do, it reminds us just how difficult life can get. And sometimes, it reminds us to take a moment from our busy lives and realize how much […]

Crisp Piano Tips To Help You Play Glissandos Like A Boss

music glissando

Playing piano is not just about producing sounds with the black and white keys. It is an art that involves various techniques. You should be familiar with the different styles and forms of playing the piano. Glissando is one of the forms of playing the piano, in which you produce sounds using specific fingers by […]

Top 10 Tips to Overcome Stage Fear before Your Piano Recital (Scientist-Recommended)

piano performance

Do you suffer from stage fright? Does your heart start beating like a drum just before a performance? Well, if you feel light-headed or tense before a piano recital, you can take gratification in the fact that you’re not the only one. The problem with being nervous is that it’s just the beginning, as it […]

What Is It About The Piano That’s Got China So Excited?

The history of pianos in China goes way back to the early 17th century, when Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit missionary, presented it as part of a cache of gifts to the Wanli emperor. At the time, although China boasted rich musical traditions and a host of both imported and domestic instruments, none among these […]