How To Make Your Piano Practice Sessions Awesome


It is in the practice room that any musician moves from being a novice to an expert at their instrument. The time dedicated to practice is the investment that will determine how much they get in return. If you really want to get the desired results out of your practice time, you need to be […]

What Does It Take To Become A Top Notch Musician?

man playing an instrument

If you were to go around asking everyone what they think are the ingredients for a successful music career, you will hear as many answers as there are respondents. However, you will notice that some of them will be repeated by many people, even though they may be in different words. Some of the common […]

To Quit or Not to Quit Music Learning? Tackling This Biting Issue

frustrated girl

Learning music is one of those activities that is very objective and can, therefore, be universal. A piano piece played in one part of the world should sound exactly the same as it would on the other side of the globe. So it is with all the components of music, such as chords, notes, and […]

The Power Guide To Being And Staying In Love With Your Guitar Practice

Playing the guitar is a wonderful hobby that lets you explore the vivid avenues of music. But many guitar players find it extremely difficult to juggle between their work and practice. While some of them canโ€™t manage to find time, others get de-motivated and lose inspiration. So if youโ€™re bearing the same brunt while practicing […]

9 Tips For Motivating Your Child To Practice Music

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Parents and kids are often quite excited when children start out on their music lessons. However, this initial excitement and drive will likely start fading over time, especially for the kids. If parents do not put enough effort to keep their kids motivated, kids will easily quit music lessons and then regret their decision later […]

The Smart Parent’s Guide To Rekindling Motivation For Music Lessons In Children

mother teaching child by imitation

Childhood is one most remarkable phases of your kidโ€™s life. This is the time when they start having a rush of emotions and donโ€™t understand how to handle or identify them. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to help your kids and motivate them to try some something new. Music is one such new […]

7 Tried And Tested Tips That Will Get Your Music Students Practicing More

Your music students probably love to play their instruments, but if youโ€™re like most music teachers, youโ€™ve observed that practice seems to be a common challenge for most of them. As a music teacher, you want to see your students excel, so itโ€™s important for you to find creative ways to encourage them to practice. […]

5 Simple Tips Every Drummer Needs To Know

Drum Lessons

Sometimes it seems like meaningful progress takes forever. After starting out quickly on an instrument, many people hit a point where each small improvement takes a large investment of time, and it can be frustrating! For drummers, this often happens when trying to master some advanced coordination, which requires as much mental practice as physical. […]