Roland FP-E50 Unveiled | The Digital Piano That’s Turning Heads Everywhere

Roland FP-E50 Digital Piano

Whenever Roland releases a new digital piano, there’s always some level of buzz accompanying the product launch. That said, the new FP-E50 digital piano has generated even more buzz than normal, filling a hole in Roland’s lineup most didn’t even know existed. We’re going to dive into this brand-new instrument to see exactly why it’s […]

Yamaha YDP 184 vs Roland HP702 | Yamaha vs Roland | Which Digital Piano is Right for You?

Yamaha YDP 184 vs Roland HP702

Each and every year, more and more people who traditionally would have selected a used upright piano for their household are electing instead to go with a nice digital piano. And we’re at a point where even an upper mid-range digital piano can provide a comparable experience to a similarly priced used upright. In this […]

Roland FP30X | Digital Piano Review | Upgraded Speakers & Sound Engine

Roland FP30X

The Roland FP-30 was such a popular and beloved instrument during its run that upon announcement of the new FP-X series many people assumed the FP-30X would be a bit of tweaking, but not any type of significant leap forward. Well, those people would be wrong as Roland has managed to cram a plethora of […]

Roland FP30X vs FP30 | Digital Piano Review & Comparison | What’s New?

Roland FP30X vs FP30

The Roland FP-30 digital piano was a popular and well-reviewed musical instrument, but to say that the FP-30X is a step forward would be an understatement – Roland was able to include more key improvements than would be considered typical when an instrument is replaced by the next generation model. On the heels of our […]

Roland RD88 | Digital Stage Piano Review | Lighter & More Affordable

Roland RD88

The Roland RD88 Stage Piano is the latest entry in Roland’s long-standing RD series of professional stage pianos. Lighter and more affordable, the RD88 has been designed as a slightly simplified alternative to the flagship RD2000, while still offering the authentic sounds, touch, features, playability, and durability that the long line of acclaimed RD pianos […]

Roland LX706 | Digital Piano Review | Roland LX Series Luxury Digital Upright Pianos

Roland LX706

Roland’s LX line has been with us for several years now, and the current lineup of three models strongly serves as Roland’s home digital piano flagship models and is without question among the finest digital pianos currently available. While the value proposition of the entry into the LX700 series, the LX705, and the LX708 top […]

Roland FP-30X FAQ | Features, Performance, And Overall Value | Digital Piano FAQ

Roland FP-30X FAQ

The Roland FP-30X is easily one of the single most popular 88-key digital pianos currently on the market, known for its killer combination of key touch, piano sound, features, connectivity, portability and very reasonable price point. Now, if you’re considering the FP-30X and are in the midst of research, there’s a chance that very specific […]

Casio PX-160 vs Roland FP-10 | Digital Piano Comparison

Casio PX-160 vs Roland FP-10

Hi and welcome to another piano comparison article. In this piece, we’ll be comparing Casio PX-160 vs Roland FP-10. These are two darlings of the entry-level 88-key digital piano space, and certainly two instruments that our customers love. The PX-160 really elevated the entry price range when it came out and caused other companies to […]

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Comparison & Demo

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Welcome to another piano comparison here with us at Merriam Pianos. In this piece, we’ll be comparing two titans of the under $1,000 portable digital piano category as we look at the Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-30. Thousands of these instruments wind up in homes all around the world every single year as best sellers […]

Yamaha P45 vs Roland FP-10 Digital Piano Review, Comparison, & Demo

Yamaha P45 vs Roland FP-10

Welcome to another piano comparison at Merriam Music. Today, we are comparing the Yamaha P45 vs Roland FP-10, two absolute titans of the entry-level market, both with tons of fans and lots of potential shoppers all around the world. This comparison has been requested many times by our readers and viewers so we’re happy to […]