How To Transform Yourself Into A Dynamic And Unique Singer

Singing Address By Scene Girl Concert Microphone

As in any career, the pressure to stand out and be recognized among the stars is common among singers. However, this does not mean you should allow yourself to get worked up about it. The key to success is the pursuit of excellence, and this is especially true for any singer. The Ground Rules There […]

The Smart Singers’ Guide To Sustaining The Health Of Your Vocal Chords

Maria Bayo, Orchestra Singer

Imagine a scenario where you have this really big concert the next day. You’ve worked really hard and prepared wholeheartedly for it but then out of the blue, your voice suddenly cracks during the last minute rehearsals. This is every musician’s nightmare! All that hard work and effort go down the drain as now you’ve […]

What Makes Adele’s Hello Such A Smashing Hit?


That Adele’s Hello might just be the hit song of the decade is not in question. She broke plenty of industry records, including becoming the first in the industry to achieve 1 billion YouTube views for the video in just three months of its uploading. The streaming service announced Thursday that her music video for […]

The Difference between a Good and a Great Audition – The Perfect Song

woman auditioning

It’s often amazing for singers to stroll down the memory lane and think about their lives’ important auditions. Many would agree that the right choice of song can infinitely increase or decrease the chances of an audition going as plan or off it. Preparing and appearing for an audition can make you really nervous. And […]