How To Start Developing Your Singing Skills- Advice From The Pros

vocal choir singing

People that can sing well are typically envied, and understandably so because singing is such a beautiful art. Singers can express themselves anywhere because they have their instrument (their voice) with them wherever they go. That’s where singing beats all other instruments. You can use your singing skills in the shower, in the kitchen, as you […]

Compare The Different Ways To Take Your Singing Classes

Singing Address By Scene Girl Concert Microphone

In the past, most professional music and singing lessons were done formally. Formal meaning they had to be from a recognized music school and the participants were given certificates at the end of the training. That was then. Currently, there are so many ways to explore your singing skills. This post looks at some of […]

Singing Can Help Improve Your Child’s Speech!

boy performing

Developing children can really benefit from music – and not just in one way. In addition to boosting their moods, keeping them on their feet and helping to build their confidence, research also shows that including music in a child’s life can also improve their speech. Music can improve literacy. “The way we process musical […]

Do You Know Just How Many Benefits of Singing You Can Enjoy? [Infographic]

celine dion singing

You don’t need to be a good singer to enjoy singing. It will get you energized and excited, and smiling if you were in a bad mood. In fact, as this mother discovered, singing is beneficial even when you’re not in the mood for singing. My older son sings in a choir. He really enjoys […]