Free Advice For Great Singing – Separating Myth From Truth

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Singing is a great way to express emotions and worldviews. It is also an avenue to communicate what is in your heart and mind. If you want to be a singer, you better plan to be a good one. Otherwise, if you only want to communicate your thoughts, then being an orator would be more […]

How To Start Developing Your Singing Skills- Advice From The Pros

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People that can sing well are typically envied, and understandably so because singing is such a beautiful art. Singers can express themselves anywhere because they have their instrument (their voice) with them wherever they go. That’s where singing beats all other instruments. You can use your singing skills in the shower, in the kitchen, as you […]

Compare The Different Ways To Take Your Singing Classes

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In the past, most professional music and singing lessons were done formally. Formal meaning they had to be from a recognized music school and the participants were given certificates at the end of the training. That was then. Currently, there are so many ways to explore your singing skills. This post looks at some of […]

For Your Growth In Singing, This Works Like Crazy

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It is said that growth is the primary sign of life. When something or someone stops growing, they stop living. This is true even for singers – you must always seek opportunities to grow your skills and become better than you were yesterday. The saying is true; there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Growth in […]

8 Methods To Improve Your Singing Skills Beginning This Moment

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Are you somebody who hums along to the tunes of your favorite melody when you think no one’s watching or sing out loud while in the shower? And, do you get all sweaty and fidgety when asked to sing in front of a group of people? If yes, then this is the guide the world […]

What Makes Adele’s Hello Such A Smashing Hit?


That Adele’s Hello might just be the hit song of the decade is not in question. She broke plenty of industry records, including becoming the first in the industry to achieve 1 billion YouTube views for the video in just three months of its uploading. The streaming service announced Thursday that her music video for […]

The Men’s Guide To Manly Singing – Ladies, Please Excuse

Sami Yusuf

Pick a pebble, heave it, chances are it’ll hit a Chris Martin fan. For many, the best part of the day is that musical date with the Chris Martins and Justin Timberlakes, at the end of a rough day. This date is an escape from reality listening to his soothing voice. Music is universal; it […]

Tips to Help You Master the Art of Singing

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Music teachers come across many people who claim that they cannot sing no matter how much they try. Nonetheless, trainers tell them about the few things that, if implemented, can enable them to sing. Every person possesses a unique kind of voice. Categorically, there are two kinds of singers. While some singers are technically sound, […]

The Difference between a Good and a Great Audition – The Perfect Song

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It’s often amazing for singers to stroll down the memory lane and think about their lives’ important auditions. Many would agree that the right choice of song can infinitely increase or decrease the chances of an audition going as plan or off it. Preparing and appearing for an audition can make you really nervous. And […]