Crazy Songwriting Ideas And How To Recall The Tunes You Come Up With

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Many people wonder how songs are composed or written. The art of songwriting can be described as an adventure. It takes inspiration as a foundation and a high level of discipline to keep you going. This is critical as there will be times when nothing seems to be happening. There are several things to consider. […]

When That Song Keeps Playing In Your Head – Whatโ€™s Happening?

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It can be both interesting and annoying when thereโ€™s a song that keeps playing in your head. It could mean many things. You might really enjoy the song and the beats, so you don’t mind that it won’t leave your head for a few days. Unfortunately, and interestingly, this could happen even with songs that […]

How To Write Songs Super Quick – For Rainy And Stormy Times As A Songwriter

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A perfect blend of music and lyrics is what the success of any song hinges on. Lyrics lend meaning to the otherwise abstract music, makes it much more real. Now, composing a song is no childโ€™s play, but it isnโ€™t all that difficult either. It is all about fitting the right words in the right […]

The A-Z For The Songwriting Beginner

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You could be the kind of person who can come up with a new piece of music out of the blue and your friends are left wondering where you got that from. Over time, you have desired to write songs, but you donโ€™t know how to go about it. This post is for you. Song […]