Top 12 Most Expensive Pianos | World’s Most Expensive Pianos

Most Expensive Pianos

If youโ€™re even a moderate internet user, odds are over the last four or five years you’ve probably come across an article or video covering some of the world’s most expensive instruments. Pianos happen to stand out in this regard due to their size, cost to manufacture, and cultural significance throughout much of the world. […]

Steinway K-52 | Steinway & Sons | Traditional Upright Piano Review

Steinway K-52

When it comes to the piano industry as a whole, likely no other brand is as well known as Steinway & Sons, with their Hamburg and New York grands being the most commonly selected instruments for concert-level pianists. Their upright pianos for whatever reason have generally not garnered the same level of recognition and sales […]

Yamaha vs Kawai vs Steinway | Piano VST Comparison | Yamaha CFX vs Hamburg Steinway D vs Kawai SK-EX

Yamaha vs Kawai vs Steinway

Anyone whose been a subscriber to our channel or blog will know weโ€™ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years exploring the world of piano VSTs. As a result, our resident piano reviewer and company president Stu Harrison has become something of a VST aficionado. In todayโ€™s video and companion article, […]

Bechstein vs Steinway Pianos | Everything You Need to Know

Bechstein vs Steinway Pianos

If you’re a piano shopper or performer and you’re investigating the highest echelons of the piano business, it’s going to be awfully tough to miss these two titans – Steinway & Sons and C. Bechstein. Sure, there are a small handful of other pianos in the same top-quality tier that garner an equal level of […]

Baby Grand Piano – Everything You Ever Needed To Know (2020 Updated)

Used Baby Grand Piano

Introduction Hi, everybody and welcome to another piano video here at Merriam Pianos. My name is Stu Harrison. And in this video, we’re talking about baby grand pianos. This is a follow up video, where I’m really gonna be focusing on what are the questions you need to ask yourself to dive into this whole […]

Steinway Model B vs C. Bechstein B 212 Grand Piano Comparison, Review & Demo by Merriam Pianos

Steinway Model B vs C Bechstein B 212

Introduction Reviewing the great musical instruments of history is one of the most special and unique aspects of what we do here at Merriam Pianos, and few comparisons have the same gravitas and lineage as the Steinway Model B (known unofficially as “the perfect piano”) vs. the C. Bechstein B212 (known unofficially as “the king […]