Roland FP-60X Digital Piano Review | Audio MIDI over USB & Bluetooth – BMC Chip (FP-60 Upgrade)

Roland FP-60X Digital Piano

Hi everyone, and welcome to another piano review here at Merriam Pianos. Today we’re with the Roland FP-60X. This is the update to the FP60, part of their newest FP-X lineup featuring all sorts of new goodies. We’re going to be taking a look at its features, talking about the sound, and exploring its action. […]

Roland FP-E50 vs FP60x | Side-by-Side Digital Piano Comparison, Review & Demo

Roland FP-E50 vs FP60x

Today we’ve got two Roland portable digital pianos from the FP series that includes the Roland FP-90X, FP-60X, FP-30X, and FP-10, facing off against each other; the FP-60X and the brand new FP-E50. Is there still a place for the FP-60X in the marketplace with this new FP-E50? Well, we’re going to answer that question […]

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP-10 vs Casio PX-S1000 Comparison | Best Affordable Digital Pianos

Yamaha P125

The entry-level digital piano class has never been filled with so many great options, combining a high level of musical potential in the form of a portable keyboard. In fact, many professional musicians will even use pianos from this category for gigging in some cases. In today’s article and video, we’re going to be comparing […]

Yamaha DGX 670 vs Roland FP-E50 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha DGX 670 vs Roland FP-E50

To say that the digital piano market is merely competitive these days would be an understatement – it is incredibly so, with a large number of high-value options at almost every price point and category. Roland has very recently released the FP-E50, which fills a hole in their lineup that we didn’t even know existed. […]

Roland FP-E50 Unveiled | The Digital Piano That’s Turning Heads Everywhere

Roland FP-E50 Digital Piano

Whenever Roland releases a new digital piano, there’s always some level of buzz accompanying the product launch. That said, the new FP-E50 digital piano has generated even more buzz than normal, filling a hole in Roland’s lineup most didn’t even know existed. We’re going to dive into this brand-new instrument to see exactly why it’s […]

Yamaha P515 vs Roland FP60X | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P515 vs Roland FP60X

When it comes to the upper end of the 88-key, all-in-one portable digital piano class, the flagship models from the big manufacturers consist of the Yamaha P515, Roland FP90X, Kawai ES-920 and more recently, the new Casio PX-S7000. Since these are the top models available it’s only natural that they get compared to one another, […]

Roland FP60X vs Kawai ES520 | Digital Piano Comparison | Mid-Range Digital Piano Comparison

Roland FP60X vs Kawai ES520

Roland’s FP line has been multitiered for a number of years now, and its current incarnation consists of four different models at different prices and quality levels. Kawai’s ES line conversely has only consisted of two models, and while it could be argued that the Kawai ES110 (now being replaced by the ES120) could be […]

Roland FP-60 vs FP-90 Digital Piano Comparison, Review & Demo – Piano Partner 2, Bluetooth Connectivity

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano

 Introduction Roland’s FP series has always been a trend-setting series of pianos. For portable, all-in-one units, the FP’s have consistently delivered the best actions, durable constructions, and reliable sound production for an affordable price tag. The FP series are used world-wide as both professional stage pianos and home use instruments. The FP-60 and FP-90 […]

Roland FP-10 Digital Piano Review & Demo – SuperNATURAL Piano, Bluetooth Audio, PHA-4 Action

Roland FP-10 Stand

Introduction Roland’s FP-10 Digital Piano has quickly become the dominant entry-level digital piano in the market today, providing a stellar action (PHA-4 standard keyboard), class-leading piano tone from the Supernatural Piano Engine, light-weight portability, bluetooth midi, and an available keyboard stand (KSCFP10). The FP-10 picks up on where Yamaha’s P45 and Casio’s PX-160 left off, […]