Seiler ED-132 | Upright Piano Review & Demo | 52 Inch Yamaha U3 & Kawai K-500 Alternative

Seiler ED-132

Considering a taller, new professional upright piano and automatically assuming that the best value mid-range options are the Yamaha U3 and Kawai K-500? Not so fast. As a follow-up to our look at the Eduard Seiler ED-126, which is a direct competitor to the U1 and K-300, today we’re going to be exploring the next […]

Upright Pianos – Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Upright Pianos

Upright Pianos

In today’s we are talking about Upright Pianos – literally everything you need to know about Upright Piano. If you’re in the market for an upright piano, this is the article for you. We’re not going to tell you what piano to buy or how much money to spend, but we are going to cover […]

Upright vs Grand Pianos | Which is Better for You? | Common Misconceptions & Myths

Upright vs Grand Pianos

As one of North America’s largest piano retailers, we’re blessed to get to interact with piano shoppers looking for upright, grand and digital pianos face-to-face, every single day. As a result, we’ve been able to observe many of the common misconceptions a lot of people have with regard to upright vs grand pianos – specifically, […]

Piano Buying Tips: 10 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying A Piano

Piano Buying Tips

Piano Buying Tips – 10 Mistakes to Look Out For Purchasing a first piano can be fairly intimidating, especially if you don’t already have a lot of experience with pianos. Fortunately, here at Merriam Pianos, we’ve seen the piano purchasing process through with literally thousands of customers since our inception, from beginners to concert-level piano […]

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Baby Grand Pianos

baby grand piano

Hi, I’m Stu Harrison and I’m here with Merriam Pianos in Toronto, Canada. And today we’re talking about baby grand pianos. Now this is something that I think is on everybody’s ultimate wish list, for when you get the house with that perfect bay window, or a room that would be ideal to just have […]

Types of Pianos: Understanding the Various Piano Types

Kinds of Pianos

There are many different types of pianos, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. Understanding the various piano types is essential for anyone interested in learning or playing the instrument. In this article, we will explore the different types of pianos, including grand pianos, upright pianos, digital pianos, baby grand pianos, console pianos, spinet […]