These Tweaks Will Make Painless Violin Practice A Reality For Your Child; #5 Is Pure Brilliance

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Take a bow! That’s right; the ability to play the violin is a journey from hearing the instructor asking the student to take the bow of a violin into the hands to taking a bow to the audience after a brilliant performance. When a child does it, though, the awe has no bounds. The benefits […]

Five Violin Playing Techniques You Can Learn From The Pros

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Contrary to popular belief, a violin is not just another string instrument; it is much more complex and needs a lot of effort. Mastering the violin requires immense patience and perseverance. You need to be consistent perfecting the chords, the different strings and the complicated hand movement and posture. Now apart from the regular practice […]

A Guide On Where To Start Your Music Learning And What Things To Keep In Mind

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This article includes the necessary things you will need to start, some hat tips on caring and maintenance of your instrument, and a lot more to help you get in the groove. All your doubts on how to begin your preparation for learning the instrument will be clarified. Read the steps mentioned in the article […]

Violin Techniques: Master These Three To Become a Better Violinist

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Like any other instrument, playing the violin requires skill and determination. You will need to always be on the lookout for some of the things you can do to make your violin playing interesting and appealing. Being a pro-active learner will help you get acquainted with the various violin-playing tricks and techniques that set apart […]

Vibrato Violin – Breaking Down A Complicated Technique To Its Simple Fundamentals


Having an accomplished instrumentalist to look up to is great for young musicians, because it motivates them to work hard with the goal of becoming like their star. However, most young musicians don’t often get the chance to interact face to face with their role models. That’s why it was a big deal when Nicola […]

4 Legendary Violins You Want To Learn About – And Maybe Hear


The violin is an important instrument that features across a wide variety of music genres today. With a history going back to the 16th Century, a number of violins boast wide recognition in the world of music. Such fame may be the result of the violin maker (with names like Stradivari immediately sparking interest), the […]

Stolen Stradivarius Finds Its Way Home After 35 Years

In a previous post, we talked about how a violin’s varnish plays a crucial role in the quality of its sound. We also talked about Stradivarius violins, and how they stand out in the world of strings as special – even mysterious, for their superior sound. In fact, Stradivarius violins are so valuable, that one […]

A Violin’s Sound May Be The Result Of Its Varnish


Varnish will typically be applied to most wooden items as a protective finishing. In fact, varnish has also been applied to works of art, such as the Mona Lisa, to preserve them. Another interesting application is when varnish is used by violin makers. They usually apply a thick coat of varnish as a means of […]