Yamaha P515 vs Roland FP60X | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P515 vs Roland FP60X

When it comes to the upper end of the 88-key, all-in-one portable digital piano class, the flagship models from the big manufacturers consist of the Yamaha P515, Roland FP90X, Kawai ES-920 and more recently, the new Casio PX-S7000. Since these are the top models available itโ€™s only natural that they get compared to one another, […]

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES920 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES920

Portable, all-in-one 88-key digital pianos are very popular among beginner and intermediate players, but theyโ€™re also becoming increasingly popular among professionals who need a very authentic grand piano tone, solid touch and onboard speakers. As such, whether or not the end user is a professional or not, certain manufacturers have placed a real focus on […]

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8 | Digital Piano Review | Buyers Guide

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8

High-end all-in-one portable digital pianos have been increasing in popularity for quite some time now, and itโ€™s pretty easy to see why. Top-of-the-line stage pianos are of course not getting anywhere, but the idea of a professional quality keyboard with built-in speakers, great sound, and weighted keys makes a lot of sense for a lot […]

Roland FP-90 vs Yamaha P515 Review & Comparison

Roland FP-90 vs Yamaha P515

Introduction We’re going to be tackling another comparative shootout today between two giants of the digital piano market: Roland and Yamaha. We’ll be comparing the companies’ respective flagships of their portable digital lines. We’ll be breaking down the action, sound, and features and comparing every detail of two of the most popular portable digital pianos: […]

Yamaha P515 Digital Piano Review & Demo

Yamaha P515

Introduction In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at Yamaha’s P515, the flagship of Yamaha’s P series. We’ll be looking at the action, the sound engine and obviously talking about the rest of its features and what other instruments you could be looking at in parallel to the Yamaha if you are […]