Starting a rock band of your own can indeed be a ‘dream come true’ affair for you and your buddies, but this is just the beginning of an extremely thrilling plot! With the eventual progress of this practical story, you would be required to overcome innumerable hurdles in your attempt to reach new milestones.

From hunting down like-minded, promising talents to deciding on the genre of music, and chalking out plans for promotional activities – each step is equally crucial for proceeding in the right direction.

Once you have your rock band successfully assembled, and are fully geared up for delivering pulsating performances on stage, you’ve got to be particularly cautious about steering clear of these costly mistakes in order to rule out any negative impact on your future prospects:

Compromising on the qualitative standards of team members

If you are aspiring to make it big in the music industry, then you simply cannot afford to include the wrong people in your band. Negativity, unprofessionalism, and lack of ambition can be venomous for your new endeavor.

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Look for sincere, like-minded individuals with proper skills, and not just any other individual from your friends’ circle or neighborhood!

Failing to grasp the subtle demands of audiences

The quicker you realize the importance of developing your live performing skills, the better it will be, for you and your band members. If you really wish to charm your audience with a sensational performance, you need a lot more than good music.

In order to ensure that your band does not become a forgotten affair in near future, you’ve got to overwhelm your audiences by arousing powerful emotions which can stand the test of time.

Unimpressive selection of musical pieces for public performances

The item being played on stage is as important as the technique of playing. No matter how awesome your rock band plays, unless you select your music pieces with care, you would inevitably fail to create a lasting impact on the minds of listeners.

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Placing too much emphasis on the ‘show elements’ can eclipse your actual performance because the attention of your audience would be unnecessarily diverted. Instead of going over the top, attempt to strike a balance between show elements and the real content.

Not investing adequate efforts for establishing your existence

Unfortunately, a large number of budding talents tend to underestimate the significance of building a public image. This is the reason why several rock bands sink into oblivion, despite possessing immense potential.

You simply cannot afford to sit back and wait for your turn when there are thousands like you out there, longing to make their presence felt. If you seriously want people to turn up at your shows, then you must let them know that you exist in the first place!

  • It is always an excellent idea for new bands to warm up by participating in charity shows, jam sessions or community centers
  • Have a website of your own
  • Invest in a good video for your album
  • E-mail interaction with fans is highly recommended

Social media websites are powerful tools, but the number of likes on your Facebook page or YouTube views hardly prove anything. Such whopping numerical figures can be easily purchased, and it would be really foolish to assume that your audiences are ignorant about the fact. Instead of being obsessed with the total count of your fans, concentrate on engaging them emotionally.

Inability to figure out the business mechanism of record companies

The moment you and your band members step into the music industry, you must focus on developing clear views regarding the key requirements of record companies for your benefit. Try to perceive a record company as a financial institution that loans capital to entrepreneurs or small-scale business firms.

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The decisions of record companies are influenced by a number of significant factors in a manner which is quite similar to that of sanctioning loans.

Have a look at the fundamental considerations of record companies:

  • The present value brought by your band to the business deal
  • The current percentage of risk
  • The potential value that you are likely to fetch in future, if they decide to invest in your band
  • The amount of risk associated with capitalizing on you

Do keep in mind that record companies are inquisitive about individual whereabouts over and above the history of a band, or their musical skills.

At times, things can go wrong on the stage, and you surely do not wish to be caught unprepared. Arranging for a back-up is absolutely essential for a quick recovery, so that the performance continues undisturbed.

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Noel Gallagher has some advice for young bands

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