Music has this magical ability to uplift your mood! Feeling blue? Had a rough day? A soothing track from your favorite band is just the thing you need! Admit it, we’ve all shouted our favorite songs at the top of our lungs in the shower. But what if you could be much more than a bathroom singer?

Making a career in music is no longer a far-fetched dream. You can pursue your passion and also make a decent living out of it. Isn’t that amazing?! Look around you! There are budding musicians and new bands popping up everywhere! Anyone with talent can make a living out of music; all you need is the right exposure. Check out the tips mentioned below to kick start your musical journey.

Compose Your Own Music

If you don’t like the lime light you can always shine in the background. Originality is much appreciated by the music industry and if you’re gifted with the ability to create fantastic music then consider yourself blessed! Write your own songs and tunes and dazzle them with your talent. Stand out among the endless monotonous and repetitive songs with your fresh and unique style.

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Start a Band with You Buddies

We’ve all grown up idolizing bands such as ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Queen’, wishing we were as popular and cool as them. Well you can! With hard work, talent, and stellar marketing the sky is the limit. Start a band with your buddies and rock the stage! Yes it takes time, you won’t be a celebrity overnight but it has scope for success.

It doesn’t matter if you are a singer, play the percussions or the drums or a guitar; a band has place for everyone. Start small by playing at pubs and coffee houses gradually widening your scale. It won’t be long before your band performs at a jam packed stadium with thousands of fans hyperventilating over you!

Or be a Part of an Orchestra Instead?

If rock music or heavy metal is not your cup of tea you can always join an orchestra! Maybe the soothing but dynamic tones of the cello, or the violin might be your calling? It is comparatively harder though, for it requires proper training.

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You have to master the technical nuances of the musical instrument. But there are chances that you might be noticed by music directors who frequent these shows. If nothing else, an orchestra is a marvelous learning experience! You receive a lot of exposure to the professional aspect of playing music and also the golden lessons of dedication and perseverance.

Entertain the crowd. Go live!

Go solo by playing your music at social functions and public events. Perform at a relative or friend’s wedding reception and get everyone on the dance floor! A stellar way to get exposure, you can add the extra oomph to the wedding celebrations with your music. It sure feels amazing to see the huge smiles on the faces of the guests when they’re having a miraculous time. Also the money is pretty good here and the more popular you become the more you earn!

Become an Internet Sensation!

This is perhaps the easiest way to make it big, all you need is an Internet connection and you’re set. Upload your music video online to websites such as YouTube and become a celebrity overnight! Popstars such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift started out online and look where they are now! What is wrong with going viral! You could be as omnipotent as The Matrix! But you need to work hard. Success rarely comes over night.

Be careful though, do not scar your name before you have reached a certain level, or anywhere near your peak potential.

You get huge exposure on social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Link your social profiles with your video uploads to increase your audience. It is also a great motivator seeing the many likes and comments from the viewers. Also you get immediate feedback and can connect with your audience better.

Image Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures
Image Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures

Pass on the Knowledge to the other Newbies as Well

Now that you’ve made it big in the music industry it is only natural that you’d want to pass in on to the upcoming musicians as well. Give tutorial lessons and tips online on your blog or YouTube sharing your views and experiences with the newbies. You can monetize your blogs earning a fantastic sum of money out of it. And if your work is appreciated chances are that you could be called in to provide music lessons!

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