Tim Peroff - Group Piano Teacher
Tim Peroff - Group Piano Teacher

“I believe in using the entire piano as a single instrument capable of expressing every possible musical idea.”

– Oscar Peterson

About Tim Peroff

Programs Taught: Group Piano Lessons, Private Trumpet Lessons
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Classical
Teaching since: 2017
Home or StudioStudio

Tim Peroff holds a bachelor of music from the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in Music Education. He also holds a Bachelor of Education from the Teacher’s College Program at Queen’s University. Tim first started playing music in elementary school when he began piano lessons. Shortly after, he started playing trumpet in his middle school’s band class. Since then, Tim has studied a wide variety of other instruments such as guitar, trombone, clarinet, oboe, French horn, saxophone, and percussion.

Along with years of piano and trumpet lessons, Tim has also played in a wide variety of musical ensembles. Such ensembles include Cawthra Park Secondary School’s Jazz Lab and Senior Wind Ensemble. More recently, Tim has played in Western’s Symphonic band and with Queen’s Faculty of Education Pit Band.

Tim believes in sharing his passion for music with his students. During his teaching practicums while in Teacher’s College, Tim worked with a wide variety of students. He frequently conducted band classes, offering feedback to students where needed. He also worked one-on-one with many of the students, gaining valuable experience in many different teaching contexts. He always strives to ensure he’s well educated on the best methods and practices to give his students the best possible learning experience.


Designations:Bachelor of Music from Western University, Bachelor of Education with Queens University
School/ College/ University:Western University, Queens University
Languages Spoken:English


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