Learning to play any instrument is great and can be quite an enriching experience. That doesn’t mean that the journey will be full of roses. Many people think of quitting guitar several times over and the reasons seem to be universal. In case you have contemplated the thought of quitting guitar or have already quit, this post is for you.


It is not strange to feel that becoming a great guitar player is a far-fetched dream. This is especially the when you start hitting the learning blocks. You try to learn how to hold a bar chord and it just never sounds right, and you think you might as well quit. Don’t  – keep going.

The truth is, self-doubt is completely normal, especially for musicians, and I believe it’s actually necessary to project us to the place we’re meant to arrive. If times never got tough, we’d never know what it felt like when things were going well. Via Guitarworld

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No Confidence

There will be times when you hear an 8-year-old playing the guitar and feel intimidated, not to mention those you started learning with. It might even be those who start learning guitar after you that end up playing way better than you. Remember, everyone has their path – stay on yours.

If self-doubt and lack of confidence weren’t factors, Kurt Cobain never would’ve inspired the grunge movement, Robert Johnson wouldn’t have had a reason to feel the blues, and countless other musicians would only have joy and happiness influencing their music, which aren’t always the right ingredients for creativity. Via Guitarworld

Lack of fun

It is common to find young guitarists struggling to learn using scales and sheets, which can be quite difficult. If you do this, you might always get depressed at your lack of progress. Try doing the following:

The first things you’ll want to learn are chords and strumming patterns. Together, the two will let you play songs instantly from any chord sheet that you’ll open, and feel the beauty of crafting sound for the first time out of your own hands. Not only sound, but the sound of your favorite songs. Keep playing, and this sound will get better, sharper and cleaner. Via Guitar Hippies

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Forgetting the Results

If you ask someone that wants to quit guitar what the benefits of becoming a professional guitar would be to him or her, you will probably make them think twice. Most times, people forget what awaits them at the end of their learning. Here’s how to stay focused:

Write down a list of all the reasons playing guitar will benefit your life. Do it now before you forget about it. The list can be in your smartphone notes app, or in a paper note that you’ll put right in front of you at the room where you usually practice the guitar. Via Guitar Hippies

Poor Planning

A clear vision is critical to the success of any project in life, including guitar learning. If your lessons are haphazard and all over the place, you’ll soon be a candidate for quitting guitar. Have a plan and stick to it. Here’s some advice:

If you’re like most people, and your guitar goal is to be playing songs, (at least in the beginning- We will defiantly get later into solos and such) then what you have to do is to first learn basic chords (G, C, A, E, D, Dm, Em, Am) and strumming patterns to mix them in into songs, just like I said on item #1. Via Guitar Hippies

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No mentor

It is always a great encouragement to have someone who’s achieved what you’re trying to achieve as an inspiration. And this doesn’t mean those out there in the media. You need someone who you can meet and learn from. It becomes more practical that way.

Some guy I knew and saw how he played the guitar was my inspiration to start playing guitar in the first place on one random day. Some other good friends that were awesome guitarists that I met along the way gave me constant motivation to keep on improving and a living proof of what can be done with some practice. Via Guitar Hippies


There really is no reason for you to quit guitar. Knowing some of the reasons that make people quit will help you avoid others’ mistakes. You can make it – just keep at it!

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The 5 Worst Reasons to Quit Playing Guitar (Seriously) - Tips Lesson Tutorial

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