Brian de Lima - Jazz Piano Teacher at Merriam School of Music
Brian de Lima - Jazz Piano Teacher

”Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”

– Leonard Bernstein

About Brian Delima

Programs Taught: Private Piano Lessons , Jazz Piano Lessons
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop. Rock, Classical
Teaching since: 2006
Home or StudioStudio

Brian de Lima was born into a culture of jazz in Nairobi, Africa. His father was a jazz musician enabling Brian to start piano lessons at age 5. His first teacher was a pupil of Daisy Peterson, the sister and teacher of Oscar Peterson.

In 1993, Brian received a full scholarship to Humber College School of the Arts where he studied with Don Thompson, Brian Dickinson, Pat Labarbera and concert pianist Armas Meiste. After six years and a double major at College, Brian received his honors diploma.

Wanting to perfect his craft, Brian traveled to New York to study with bebop master Barry Harris and decided to make New York his second home. He has performed and studied there for the last 8 years every summer and winter break.

In 2003 Brian played at the Oscar Peterson gala at The Living Arts Centre where he shared the stage with Benny Green, Clarke Terry, Monty Alexander, Jeff Hamilton, Oliver Jones and Oscar Peterson. In 2003, Brian formed his first band Dementia 5, paying tribute and homage to the true authentic New York bebop sound. Brian can be seen regularly performing around Toronto at the Montreal Bistro, The Senator and the Rex jazz clubs. Brian joined the faculty at the Merriam School of Music in 1997 and is an Enriched teacher for the Jazz Stream. Although he prefers to teach students who are interested in jazz technique piano, he also teaches students who would like to excel in the classical stream.


Designations: Honours Diploma in Music, Phd candidate
School/ College/ University: Humber College, Current Graduate Student at York
Certifications: None
Awards: None
Languages Spoken: English



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