TaJall Edwards - Piano Teacher
TaJall Edwards - Piano Teacher

“Music is the soundtrack of your life.”

– Dick Clark

About TaJall Edwards

Programs Taught: Private Piano Lessons
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Jazz
Teaching since: 2017
Home or StudioStudio

TaJall Edwards is a touring musician from Toronto, Ontario who started playing classical at the tender age of 5. He began studying music under the direction of Marie Griffiths and Rudin Lengo (a well-known classical worldwide musician). TaJall later found out that music wasn’t just an extracurricular activity as much as it was a passion. Church was where he first had the opportunity to play alongside other musicians, broadening his musical repertoire to gospel as well.

TaJall had the pleasure of competing in many local, national, and international competitions and taking home first place most times. Observing and admiring his mentors not only gave him the aspiration to play gospel music, but to take the word musician from hobby to career. He has played for many local artist and groups such as Krystaal, toured with Toronto Children’s concert choir known as (TC3), up and coming rap group EMG and more. While Taj has had many great live performance opportunities, nothing beats the excitement of sharing his abilities with others. He has been sharing his music knowledge for approximately five years, teaching private classical and ear-based learning.

He is currently a music teacher and a young experience music director in the city and attending Humber College for jazz. Music has always been a part of his life and he is excited to share his passion with others.


Designations:Jazz at Humber College
School/ College/ University:Humber College
Languages Spoken:English


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