Corrigan Baker - Vocal & Group Piano Teacher
Corrigan Baker - Vocal & Group Piano Teacher

“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.”

– Hayley Williams

About Corrigan Baker

Programs Taught: Group Piano Lessons, Private Vocal Lessons
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Pop & Jazz
Teaching since: 2018
Home or StudioOnline

“At a young age, Corri Baker has had a strong passion for music. She began singing before she could talk and would always sing for everyone when her parents hosted parties. She has been part of many choirs throughout high school and college which include chamber choir, classical choir and jazz choir as well as singing backup harmonies in The Beatles Ensemble. Corri has a diploma in jazz voice from Mohawk College and has recently earned her grade 7 in RCM voice. She is working towards earning her ARCT in classical voice and piano.

Corri has been teaching since early 2016, and has been very successful with coaching many of her students through RCM exams and auditions. Her four octave vocal range allows her to teach students of all voice types. Her main focus is to keep her students motivated and eager to learn, while also making her lessons fun and enjoyable. She is comfortable with teaching in all styles of music from classical and jazz, to pop and rock on both piano and in voice. Her approach includes focusing on improving technique and posture, ear training, theory, vocal health and confidence building exercises for overcoming stage freight.

With a passion for learning, Corri has become a very versatile instructor and enjoys learning new things to help her students improve in their lessons. She is very patient and understanding and has experience teaching, tutoring and volunteering with the special education department at her old high school.”


Designations:Applied Music Advanced Diploma with Mohawk College
School/ College/ University:Mohawk College
Languages Spoken:English


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